Monday, March 10, 2014

Nothing Says Happy Third Anniversary Like A Tribute To Leather

by the Ladies of Stellar Four

It's Stellar Four's third anniversary* and we're celebrating with the traditional gift of leather.  Why leather?  Who the hell knows, but Hallmark says that's the thing, so were rolling with it.  Anywho, he's our tribute to the best leather in the genre.

Katniss's Jacket 

That is one fantastic jacket Katniss Everdeen is sporting.  It's stylish yet functional; well tailored without hampering movement necessary to go hunting.  Katniss's jacket deserves a place on the list because of what it represents: a beautiful, kick-ass heroine who hasn't been over-sexualized.

Spike's Duster

Yet another iconic jacket on the list.  Spike's once said, "It's my second skin. It's who I am." And, for his first few seasons, it was like an extension of his body.  His boxy silhouette stalking down a dark alley with the coat tails flapping in the breeze is one of the most memorable visuals from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  What makes the duster's presence more interesting is that Spike stole it off one of the best slayers in history, Nikki Wood, after he murdering her on a subway train.  In a way, the jacket represents Spike's road to redemption.

Xena's Armor

Xena's leather corset was so tight that actress Lucy Lawless had a hard time breathing when she first dawned it.  It is, however, the basis for the United State's Army's new body armor for female soldiers.  Talk about life imitating art.

Jim C. Hines As Leather-Clad UF Heroines

A few years ago, author Jim C. Hines did something kind of amazing.  He recreated some of the more awkward, uncomfortable poses Urban Fantasy heroines are often pretzeled into assuming.  Not only were the results hilarious, it also pointed out the ridiculousness of the book cover trend.

Leather Bound Books

photo credit: Wyoming_Jackrabbit
Because they're books.  Duh.

Well, those are our favorites.  What about you?  Sound off in the comments.

*For those of you with keen, Sherlockian eidetic memories, yes, our third anniversary was actually in the beginning of February, but life got in the way of our celebration.  It happens when you're as old as we are.
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