Friday, March 14, 2014

Favorite Posts From The Last Year

by the Ladies of Stellar Four

Well, it's official.  We've been around for three years now singing the praises of all things girlie in the genre.  We've published more than 250 posts including some on our original crafts, think pieces, rants, and our favorite finds. And we've loved every minute of it.  So, we thought a good way to end our anniversary celebration with a round-up of some of our favorite posts over the last year.

Here's what we've loved sharing with you.

Kathy F.

The Joy of Steampunk - I collaborated with Meghan on this post and it was so much fun. We have to do it again. Taken from an evening chat, we discussed why we love our steampunk romance, and which books are our favorites.

Sharing my craft fail with the world. My vampire cookie sandwiches that were supposed to be awesome and help celebrate the latest release of my favorite series (Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews) instead were hideously and hilariously awful. However, it did lead to a fun contest where we shared our craft fails, so win!

The First Annual Stella Awards - I adored Meghan's idea to have our own genre movie awards. Better than the Oscars.

Anytime I got to talk with an author. Whether they answered a few questions, showed us how they approach a scene, talked about history, gave some insight on costumes/clothing choices, or gave us a drink to try, interacting with all of these creative people was a highlight of my year.

I also cannot say enough what a privilege it is to write with Megan, Sara and Meghan, and to chat with all of you lovely readers.

Sara N.

Every single X-Files 20th anniversary post. I had the best time writing that week.

The crushes you had in the '90s that will make you feel like a creepy old woman. And on the flip side, some of the oldsters from back in the day were actually rocking a sexual charisma you probably couldn't deal with at the time.

I love tying feminism to entertainment, as I did in this post discussing the Bechdel test. It's something that needs way more coverage than it gets.

Not only did I defend Ben Affleck's casting as Batman, but I imagined how a few of his most notable characters could evolve to become the caped crusader.

Finally, following the horrors of the Boston Marathon bombings, I wrote about why we sometimes need the bad guys to wear black hats.

Megan S.

I had so much fun writing for Stellar Four and getting to hang out with three of my dearest friends this year, especially during our theme weeks.  I got a little too into coming up with the best glamping gadgets from our favorite villains.  I also loved when Meg, Sara, Kathy and I got together and told scary stories.

Aaaaand then there was the time I wrote my first NSFW post about science fiction and fantasy sex toys.

Of course, it wasn't all silly posts filled with bad jokes.  I had a great time flexing my creative muscles with my Snow White party.

My favorite from this year was when Lilly let me dress her up as Sherlock Holmes for Halloween.

Meghan B

This past year was full of awesome and made of win. I couldn't ask for better friends than the three girls above me and all you lovely readers out there!

Speaking of readers, some of my favorite posts last year dealt with the 52 Book Challenge! I won it with over 60 books and so did a bunch of you! And we're doing it again this year!

I loved when Stellar Four had 80s week and I ruined everyone's day with 10 Movies from the 80s to Remake. I still think my idea about The Labyrinth is valid!

I wrote about my love for the Nightmare Before Christmas, the fact that I still don't get the X-Files (much to the utter horror of the other girls), about Chuck Wendig's spectacular writing advice and about my brand new love, Welcome To Night Vale.

This was the year I got a Kindle (lol wut). The year I read some incredible books, saw some insanely good movies and met some awesome new people like Atticus Q Redghost, owner of Evil Supply Co.  

My absolute hand's down favorite post from this year, though, was when I got to meet my idol Neil Gaiman. He said I was lovely. I'm having that put on my tombstone. 

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