Monday, February 3, 2014

'Shipwrecks: Which Fictional Pairing Should Go Up In Flames?

by Megan S.

Well, this is awkward.  JK Rowling admitted in an interview recently that, if she could do it all over again, Hermione would have ended up with Harry instead of Ron in the beloved Harry Potter series, thus sinking one of the most popular 'ships in the history of 'shipping.* The cold-hearted author would have our poor ginger relegated to living the rest of his days in the drafty attic of his parents' Burrow, alone and unloved, with an elderly Pigwidgeon as his only companion.  (Alright, so she didn't actually say that last bit, but you get the picture.)

Far be it from me to criticize,** but I'm pretty sure there are countless other couplings that should go up in flames way before Romione so I took to Twitter this weekend to ask which pairings people hated the most.  And boy, you guys didn't disappoint.  I narrowed the nominations to my top ten favorites and divided them into two categories: "no chemistry" and "eww, gross."  Now you get to vote on which is the worst.  Feel free to write your most persuasive argument in the comments after submitting your answer in the embedded poll.  I'll announce the winners (or should I say losers?) next week.

(Drum roll please!)

Here are your worst fictional pairings...

The "No Chemistry" Category

Ollie and Laurel from Arrow - @ChelseaVBC

Echo and Paul from Dollhouse - Sara N.

 Bill and Sookie from True Blood - Kathy F.

 Thor and Jane from Thor - @Malcontent79

Ichabod and Katrina from Sleepy Hollow - Meghan B.

 Bella and Edward from Twilight - @Jessi_Squeakers and @BrokenNails

The "Eww, Gross" Category

 Padme and Anakin from Star Wars - Kathy F.

Starbuck and Apollo from Battlestar Galactica -@LTsEarrings

Jacob and Renesme from Twilight - @ICallShogun and @Malcontent79

 Roger and Jessica Rabbit from Who Killed Roger Rabbit? - @UkuleleDan

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*I might be exaggerating just a tad.
**Again with the exaggerating.
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