Monday, February 10, 2014

'Shipwreck: The Results Are In

by Megan S.

Last week, after JK Rowling said Harry Potter's Hermione and Ron shouldn't have been together, I asked you which fictional couples you absolutely hated the most and the results are in!  We have two awful pairings, one based on lack of chemistry and the other on general ickiness.  Did you pick the winners?

Lack of Chemistry winner: Oliver and Laurel of Arrow

Dull as dishwater couple Laurel and Oliver took home the gold after scoring 29% of the vote.  The rest of the results were relatively close with boring Bella and Edward coming in second with 18%.

General Ickiness winner: Renesme and Jacob of Twilight 

Who could have predicted that the vampire baby/pervy werewolf pairing would be the obvious winner in the general ickiness category?  Everyone, that's who.  Jacob and his pint-sized paramour dominated the competition with 64% of the vote.  Padme and Anakin were a distant second with 31%.

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