Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kaiju Krazy

The long-awaited Godzilla trailer came out yesterday, which sent the internet into an excited tizzy not seen since... well, last week when the internet saw the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy (man, it is going to be one hell of a summer for films!). The trailer had everything you could want from a Godzilla movie and more; destruction, devastation and a plucky member of humanity to set things right. Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame is that plucky human, though he looks and sounds rather tormented in the trailer. While the draw of the film is obviously Godzilla himself (herself?), there are rumors that other famous beasties like Rodan may show up too. If that turns out to be true, my father's head will explode. Rodan is his favorite kaiju.

Kaiju. I've been seeing that word thrown around a whole lot lately. Despite growing up watching really bad Japanese monster movies, I hadn't heard the word until Pacific Rim blew up. Now everything is a kaiju. Godzilla is a kaiju. Are the ants in Them! kaiju? Are the graboids from Tremors kaiju? Probably. If you're a giant monster bent on destroying some cities and killing some people, you're a kaiju.

I'm starting to feel like kaiju are the new zombies. That isn't a bad thing though. If you're anything like me, you're suffering from some extreme zombie fatigue. I feel like kaiju could become as legitimized as zombies have become. Zombies used to be a solid B level movie villain and it's only recently that they've become much more, thanks to the success of The Walking Dead. Vampires had their moment with Interview With The Vampire. Pacific Rim has definitely raised the awareness level of kaiju, but if this Godzilla movie is half as cool as the trailer seems, they might be the next fad dominating the theaters.

I'm suddenly perfectly okay with that. Of course, the logical end to all of this would be zombie kaiju. Maybe for Pacific Rim 2?

Are you excited for more kaiju movies or do you think they'll always be b-grade movie monsters? 
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