Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Seven More Wonderful Dogs

by Megan S.

photo by David Yu
It's easy to forget that the happy-go-lucky drool machines that are dogs can be real life superheroes just like their fictional counterparts in our favorite books and shows.  I was reminded of this as I sat in the veterinarian's office yesterday listening to a strapping man tell a story about the little dog on his lap.  The man had contracted a deadly infection and it had almost killed him several times. Twice, when things took a drastic turn for the worse, the little dog had saved his life.  The man said both times the dog realized he was dying and alerted him to the fact, once the small pet even called for help until someone came to rescue the owner.

So, in honor of that little canine, here are seven more wonderful pooches from science fiction and fantasy.

Giant and magical, Tibetan Mastiff/Foo dog Mouse protects wizard Harry Dresden and others on the side of good while still deferring to the ordinary house cat, Mister.

Fang of Harry Potter

Oversized Fang is a giant coward but he's a loyal and loving companion to Hagrid.

Scrappy street mutt Gaspode uses his human level intelligence and ability to speak to keep the delicious scraps flowing and to tease werewolf Angua of the City Watch.

Falcor of The Never Ending Story

Falcor may be a luckdragon but he looks an awful lot like a dog so I say he counts.  The sweet and good-natured creature helps Atreyu on his journey.

K-9 of Doctor Who

Doctor Who has had two little K-9 units as doggy-ish companions.  The small, smart robots have lasers in their noses that have proved useful in many situations.

Intended to be a proper hellhound for his antichrist master, Dog is instead a proper mongrel, filled with love for Adam.

I saved the best for last with The Iron Druid's Oberon.  The sweet and funny Irish Wolfhound is the canine companion to Atticus, protecting the druid and providing a constant stream of funny observations and obsessing about sausage.

Did your favorite dog not make the list?  Add him in the comments and share why you love the pup so much.
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  1. Grendel, Kate Daniel's garbage eating dog from the series by Ilona Andrews really needs to be on this list. While the vet agrees that he is a black standard poodle, he is the size of a Great Dane and has the colouring of a Rottweiler. Also, [spoiler alert] he turns into the Black Dog with glowing blue eyes when he's scared...

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