Friday, January 10, 2014

Resolved: Stop Being a (Well-Intentioned) Bully

by Sara N.

Stellar Four was on hiatus over New Year's, so you all thought you'd escaped lame posts about resolutions, right?

Joke's on you, suckas. I made a resolution this year that I want to share with you all: I, Sara of Stellar Four, resolve to stop being a pop culture bully in 2014.

Some end-of-the-year soul-searching offered me a bit of insight. I have, from time to time in the past, barreled into real-life and online conversations about books or TV shows with all the subtlety of a sugared-up orangutan driving a bright pink Barbie Power Wheels car on an ice-covered go-kart track. In these conversations, it would not be unusual for me to get screechy and insist that whomever was innocently talking about a book or movie or show SIMPLY ABSOLUTELY MUST READ THIS/WATCH THAT/CONSUME THIS ITEM OF POP CULTURE IMMEDIATELY.

Yes. Sometimes with actual, literal all caps. 

Something must change. I read and watch a lot of things that I enjoy. I have many cool friends who would probably very much enjoy many of the things that I enjoy. But this year, I resolve that, unless I'm asked for an opinion or recommendation, I will not barge into a conversation with unsolicited suggestions. 

I'm taking baby steps. My friend Kate posted an article on Facebook a few days ago with 16 books to read before the movies come this year, and I resisted the urge to tell her that she simply had to read The Fault in Our Stars right now RIGHT NOW. I'm weirdly enjoying BBC America's Atlantis (I know, I know), but I haven't recommended it to a soul. (Well, until now.) Outlander is coming to Starz this year, and I haven't devoted a Stellar Four post a week to it. Yet, anyway.

Hey, it's progress, right? So I resolve to stick to my resolution this year. Anybody else resolving anything major they want to share? Let me know in the comments, and we can make a pact to stick with them together. If nothing else, I'm sure this will be a relief to my poor sister, who receives the lion's share of my fervent shouty recommendations. 

Oh, but seriously, Kate, if you're reading this, give The Fault in Our Stars a try. 
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