Thursday, January 30, 2014

On Desks & Writing Caves & Geeky Decor

Other than my reading resolutions, which are fun and as I read tons anyways, totally doable, I also have one resolution for this year: Get my shit together.

Isabella and the rest of the gang like their new space.
This means finally finishing projects I started before kid #3, being overall more organized (stop laughing now, I mean it!), and in general a wee bit more sane. I'm generally fairly practical, so I think I can manage a wee bit.

Step 1 was to turn my writing cave, also known as my office and sanctuary, into a more usable space. I will never be completely without clutter, but keeping the clutter to a few areas is something I can, and really should, do. I am happy to say that this has more or less (and more rather than less) been accomplished.

Of course, now that I look at it, without the piles of junk it all feels a bit spartan. Enter Hobby Lobby and the internet.

I already have two items ready to brighten my little space:

Vintage tin Wonder Woman sign from Hobby Lobby. Yes, it is awesome.

I won this poster from Meljean Brook's site - it has Kitsune Steele's wonderful take on the characters from the first 2 Iron Seas books. The artist was also selling them from her site. Now I have room to display it.

I have a few other things on my want list, of course. Like:

Digital blinking eyes- only the best for those of us who anthropomorphize everything. From

This rug from ThinkGeek would really tie the room together.

So wrong it's right. Also ThinkGeek.

An homage to my childhood-Pac Man stapler from ThinkGeek or ModCloth

There can never be too much Wonder Woman. From ModCloth

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