Tuesday, January 28, 2014

John Kennex, Meet Dean Winchester

by Sara N.

I'm hoping that all of you have discovered the high-tech, whiz-bang joy of Almost Human by now. It's not a perfect show, but it is a fun one. Karl Urban's cop John Kennex and his android partner, played by Michael Ealy, fight crime in a near future, Blade Runner-esque cityscape full of recognizable crimes made possible by almost-but-not-quite-realistic technology, from targetting bullets to sexbots (of course) to self-destruct black market organs.

Kennex storms around the precinct with an air of perpetually crabby exasperation. He doesn't always play by the rules, but he always nabs the bad guy, sometimes while quipping. I immediately responded to the character, and I couldn't figure out why. Why did I find him so immediately enjoyable?

Oh, I don't know ...

... maybe because he's Dean Winchester?

I'm not just talking Karl Urban's physical resemblance to the Supernatural star, although they certainly have that. Kennex is damaged and difficult. He's got a problem with authority. But he's competent and dedicated, and underneath it all, he's got a good, loyal heart.

Heeeeey, that sounds familiar. Kennex is Dean 2.0. Dean in the near future. Dean working from inside the system, only here he's fighting high-tech terrorists rather than demons and beasties. The voice, the attitude, the swagger. It's all there.

Oprah, Uma.
Uma, Oprah.

First, take a gander at Kennex.

Now, check out Dean.

Am I nuts here? Those of you who watch both shows, help me out. Are there actual similarities, or do I just constantly have Dean Winchester on the brain? I mean, I do, obviously. But is it starting to affect my viewing of other shows?

(Oh, by the way: If you google "Keith Urban Jensen Ackles," the only thing you'll find is slash fic. You've been warned and/or advised.)
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