Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Want Max!

In the mid 80s the world was graced with the presence of AI in the form of Max Headroom. OK - it was just Matt Frewer in a suit, but considering it was before there was a computer (or more) in every home, VHS had recently beaten Beta, and MTV actually still played music videos, it was something different. Or at least, I thought he was hilarious.

I was a kid, don't judge me!

A couple of years later, we got a show. Technically 2 shows, but I'm not talking about the one where Max did his best Johnny Carson. No, I mean the dramatic sci fi that ran for 2 seasons.

I vaguely remember when it first came out. I know my dad used to watch it. I got into it later, when Bravo ran the episodes. Set in a gritty future where it is against the law to have an off switch for your TV, we follow a news team as they tackle corporate corruption and the ills of a society that won't get off its ass.

Lots of garbage, but everyone has a nice TV...
I want to see this show again. I am debating forking over the cash to buy it on DVD, but honestly, I just really want Netflix or Amazon Prime to get it. Target Ticket, if you want me to join up, this would be a good starting place.

What series do you want to see again?
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