Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Last Hurrah! The End of the 52 Book Challenge

There are only thirteen days left in 2013. Get ready, this is the last post about Stellar Four's 52 Book Challenge! I want to hear victory stories, people!

The 52 Book Challenge was an audacious contest with yourself to read 52 books in one year, one book per week. It seemed so easy last winter to agree to the challenge. "52 books? Bah, that's easy!". The reality is far harsher.

So how did you do?

Personally, I WON THE CHALLENGE! I just got up and did a victory dance. It was pretty awesome. I'm on target to read 60 books this year! I have two I'm in the process of finishing and I know they'll be done before Dec 31st.

What do I attribute my success to? A bunch of things. There were a slew of fantastic new books this year that had me on the edge of my seat. I positively flew through them. I also had a Kindle this year, which opened up a whole world of ebook novellas and ebook-only books to read. I also have a daily commute on a train that is perfect for uninterrupted reading time. With these powers combined, I've managed to vault over the 52 book goal. I also read about a dozen more books than I did last year, which is incredibly encouraging.

Which books stand out as my favorites this year? My shortlist includes (in no particular order) Dying Is My Business by Nicholas Kaufmann, The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch, The Ocean At the End of The Lane by Neil Gaiman, The Ace of Skulls by Chris Wooding and Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore. 

Now that I know I can hit 60, I'm going to do the 52 book challenge again next year. Will you join me? Tell me in comments how many books you read in 2013 and if you're on board for the 2014 challenge!
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  1. I'm on target for the low 60's, which feels low somehow

  2. I'd have to read 30 more books to make that goal, so all I need do is read two and a half books a day... oh, forget it. Let's face it; I'm an unmitigated failure; I might as well be illiterate. I don't understand. I have no life to speak of, so it seems like it should be easier for me to find time to read. On the bright side, I did manage to watch 52 movies this year!

  3. I only read 28 books (but should finish the 29th by the end of the year). But that's over 12,000 pages read or the equivalent of over fifty-two 200 page books. So it's not quite as bad as it sounds.

  4. I read 56 which I don't think is too shabby considering I'm in grad school!

  5. 93. This does include shorts, graphic novels and a hell of a lot of early chapter books.

  6. 73 according to my "read in 2013" Goodreads bookshelf. Yeah me! Since I rarely update that with all the e-novellas I pick up, and since those count as per the first challenge post - my actual number would be higher. Early in the year I was actually tracking pages because I didn't think it was fair to count a 75 page story as a book, but that died like most resolutions. But even if I only count actual novels, I made it! And so I repeat, Yea! :)

  7. I read 121 books! It's up to about 260 if I count picture books and bande dessinees (French comic books that are only 46 pages).
    My highlights were rereading a lot of the books I loved as a child/pre-teen, and discovering Percy Jackson and The Mortal Instruments. I'm also glad I'm keeping up with finally reading all the Feist books.
    I should have the number up to 124 or 125 by New Year's Eve as I place to read 4 long novels while on holiday, including the second novel of A Song of Ice and Fire, and The Pillars of the Earth. Can't wait!

  8. far I'm at 184 books read, but I think by the stroke of midnight on Dec 31st it will be 186 books.

    My favorites were Generation V by ML Brennan, Getting Sassy by DC Brod, The City's Son by Tom Pollock, Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, Black City by Elizabeth Richards, The Hard Bounce by Todd Robinson, Trickster by Jeff Somers, The Girl Who Would Be King by Kelly Thompson, Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore, and everything Chuck Wendig wrote.

    And yes, I know I'm a biblioholic.