Friday, December 20, 2013

Stellar Four's Improbable Christmas Wishes This Year

by the ladies of Stellar Four

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Christmas is all about wishing, right? Wishing for peace on Earth. Wishing to find the perfect gift for the person you love the most. Wishing that you heart's desire is wrapped and waiting for you under the tree.

This year, Stellar Four has put together a few of our most improbable wishes in the sci fi/fantasy universe. These are things we know we can't actually have, things that can't actually happen. But oh, do we wish them anyway.

To get this out of the way: We all obviously wish that Firefly had been given a full five seasons before coming to an eminently satisfying and mutually agreed upon conclusion. This is first on every sensible person's wish list, each and every Christmas.

Now, keep reading for the other improbable wishes we're wishing this year.

Sara N.'s wishes

I wish to solve one tiny crime with Ichabod Crane. Just one. Leftenant Mills can stay at home.

I wish the final book in Veronica Roth's Divergent trilogy wasn't a terrible disappointment.

I wish manned (and womanned) deep space exploration were possible right now. 

I wish to get one really good bitchslap in on Joeffrey Lannister. Tyrion shouldn't be allowed to have all the fun.

I wish Antonio Banderas hadn't been cast as Armand in Interview with the Vampire. He was entirely too old for the part, and I still get a little screechy about it 19 years later.

I wish Lee Pace had never stopped being the pie maker.

I wish this Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover would actually happen. (OK, this one isn't totally improbable. Get on it, Stephen Moffat!)

I wish The X-Files had ended after season 7. Heck, maybe season 6.

I wish I could go back and read my very favorite books again for the first time. Rereading is OK, but it's not the same rush as that sense of wondrous discovery the first time.

I wish David Tennant could be The Doctor forever.

Kathy F.'s wishes

I wish for a device that allows more reading time in a day. Or an extended stay on the Tardis with my Kindle. Either way.

I wish for more "princess" movies that escape the usual happily ever after tropes. After watching Frozen and rewatching Brave, I know this is not only possible, but also very entertaining.

I wish for a kids show with fantastic storylines, complex characters and a female lead who is not "sassy." Snarky yes, but should stay on this side of horrifically annoying. I know we have Korra. One show is not enough.

Meghan B's wishes

I wish I could go to Hogwarts. I'd be an amazing wizard. Surely my owl just got lost? Right? Right?

I wish I could have my own Jaeger. Failing that, I'd take just having Newt. Thank you.

I wish I had the never ending, impossible library from Neil Gaiman's Sandman graphic novels.

I want a Regency period film where Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston walk around in tight trousers, ride horses and stare longingly into the camera while saying beautiful monologues.  (Hollywood, call me!)

I'd like to visit the friendly desert community of Night Vale.

I wish Matt Smith wasn't leaving Doctor Who and RUINING CHRISTMAS.

So what's your improbable Christmas wish this year?

And with that, Stellar Four is settling in for a long winter's nap. More specifically, we're planning to spend the next two weeks with family and friends (and, OK, books), but we'll be back with all-new content on Jan. 6. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Year to all of our readers! We look forward to seeing you again in 2014!
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