Thursday, November 21, 2013

Marking the days...

Winter is coming, and the holidays (seriously Target, I've accepted that you put out Christmas stuff before Halloween, but lay off the carols would ya?), and soon enough we will be counting down to another year.

This means it is time to get a new calendar. I had gotten out of the habit of buying calendars until the kids went to school and then we started again. Of course, we cannot just have one calendar in the house. That way leads to insanity, arguments over who gets to mark off what day, and me wondering if it is wine-o-clock yet.

I figure I can kill the proverbial birds and get the calendars as well as cross a prezzie off the Christmas list. Last year the girlchild chose a Disney character calendar and the boychild picked out Angry Birds Star Wars. They were fine, everyone was happy, but we do like to change things up from year to year.

Read on for a few of the calendars I'm checking out for 2014. Of course, if it so happens that a Night Vale Community Calendar or an Evil Supply Co. Villain planner appear, then those shoot to the top of the list. Obviously.

A year of Jim C. Hines and his gender-swapped cover poses. Signed by Hines and Patrick Rothfuss.
Limited quantities. The Tinker's Packs

A happy family enters a garden of horrors. This will be perfect for the kitchen. Amazon | B&N

The boychild is obsessed with Legos, so this is a no-brainer. Amazon | B&N

Although he also loves Minecraft.... Amazon | ThinkGeek

A possibility for the girlchild. She is a huge fan. Amazon

Another possibility for the girlchild because science and astronomy are awesome. Plus, pretty. Amazon | B&N

Another real possibility for the kitchen. Nostalgia + fun. Amazon | ThinkGeek
Note: If I could have found a calendar featuring my favorite female superheroes without page after page of T&A, I would have that on the list. If it exists, please let me know.

Will you be buying a calendar this year? Who or what will be adorning your walls?

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