Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Love the 90s Fashion

Daria & Jane, my 90s style icons
As the children have quickly grown and despite my best efforts seem to be sprinting to the teen years at an alarming rate, I look at what the current teens are wearing and have to wonder:

What Elder God do I have to appease to make 90s clothes popular when my kids are in high school?

Love the clothes, but stay away from
my baby, Jordan Catalano.

I realize I could just move to Portland and live in the 90s fulltime, and that eventually the racks of neon, 80s-inpired colored jeans will make way for fashions from another, later, decade. I just want it to happen while the kids are in high school. That's all I ask.

Unless fashion from the 50s and 60s takes off among the younger set, in which case we're good.

Read on for some of the 90s fashions I hope will come back, as well as the ones best left in the past, along with stirrup pants and hair crimpers.

Glorious vintage flannels from GIMMeDAT at Etsy
I admit to raiding my dad's closet for his extensive collection. It might have been the only time he was ever on some semblance of a page with popular fashion and he had no clue. And if one of his shirts happened to shrink in the dryer, why of course I would wear it. Can't let those nice shirts go to waste. When else could you look like you just crawled out from bed, the couch, under a bridge and still be "presentable"? Screw bringing this back for the kids. I want it for me.

Floral Dress

Dress from strangemagickvintage at Esty
Long or short, pair it with your favorite Docs or hiking boots, throw in a flannel if it was chilly, and you were good to go. Nice, flowy, I could see the girlchild wearing these. Me too. I sense a pattern...

Doc Martens
From Vugluskr at WikiCommons
When I was in high school, everyone "Smelled Like Teen Spirit" and everyone wanted at least one pair of Docs. Most of us had to settle for cheap Payless knock offs, but we all made do. I still want them. Calling Etsy....

A Few Don'ts

None of this

Only for Halloween. Even then, dear gods what were we all thinking?
or this

I'm all for Girl Power, I just don't want mine wearing this. Yes, I'm a mcprudypants.
Let's also add high-waisted mom jeans, overalls, and bolo ties to the don't list, shall we?

All of this is leaving me quite nostalgic. I think I'll just crawl into one of the hub's flannels and peruse the Etsy offerings. Maybe rewatch Reality Bites or Singles or binge on some My So-Called Life.

Did you love any 90s fashions or do you want it all left in the fashion graveyard?

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  1. Honestly, it scares me a little! I was a kid during the 90's so I missed most of it but I still wasn't all that thrilled. I'm hoping it can just stay dead. Considering that the 80's are back in I think that might be a little bit too much to hope for.