Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm an "Angry" Drinker

by Kathy F.

I am a wee bit addicted to the seasonal variety packs found in the beer/cider aisle. For instance, even though I know that I hate the Hazel Brown and I'm not a great fan of pumpkin beer either, I still had to get the Sam Adams Fall pack so I could try the Ruby Mild Ale. I figure if I like at least half of the brews, then I'm good.

This year, however, I may have to call it the Year of the Cider. Hard Cider, that is. I discovered the Angry Orchard Fall pack and I liked everything. Crisp Apple, Traditional Dry (quite nice, it was new for me), Apple Ginger, and the one that really piqued my interest, Cinnful Apple.

Imagine throwing some Red Hots into your cider. It tasted like drinking candy.

While I did enjoy it, I would say that the 3 bottles in the variety pack were also enough for me. It's not like I can drink more than one in a night. That would be a little too much. Friends opinions have varied from one who hated it (although this person also hates anything sweet), to another who wanted to throw another handful of Red Hots  into the cider to make it taste more like candy. YMMV.

I think of it as a dessert drink. Not something I would pair with a meal, but fine on it's own. If I was hosting a Halloween shindig, I would be sure to have some on hand. It is definitely different and something that quite a few have wanted to try at least once.

What are you drinking this Fall?
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  1. I'm a big fan of this one, too. I've only had the Apple Ginger and the traditional. Must try the rest!