Thursday, September 26, 2013

Putting A Face To A Name In Night Vale

by Megan S.

Welcome to Night Vale held two sold out performances this Wednesday in San Francisco and, listeners, it was glorious.  Throngs of fans crowded the aisles of The Booksmith to hear to host Cecil  and the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home (played by Cecil Baldwin and Mara Wilson respectively) voice an extended version of an upcoming episode.  I won't spoil the plot, but it was one of the best episodes yet about the fictional desert town. (OK, fine. Here's a tidbit. There was lots of oooing, ahhing, and squeeing from C&C 'shippers in the crowd. I, of course, maintained my journalistic integrity.)

If you wish you could have been there, you're not alone.  The 275 or so tickets for each of two shows sold out in less than ten seconds, leaving many would-be-goers sadly disappointed.  Lucky for you, I took loads of photos so you could see what some of your favorite actors, speakers, and writers look like as well as some of the great cosplay from the evening.

Here's what you missed.

Three faces of Cecil Baldwin. Adjust your headcanon accordingly.

Faceless no longer! Mara Wilson as the Faceless Old Woman.

Writer Joseph Fink and the woman you hear at the end of every podcast.

I was crushed in the swarm angling to meet the talent. (Can you say "claustrophobia," listeners?)

Just a small section of the fans.  It just keeps going on forever, much like the dog park.

Old Woman Josie in need of an angel and three Hooded Figures.

Two interns who are lucky to be alive.

Cecil, Carlos, Cecil, the Apache Tracker, and the Man in the Tan Jacket crossplay!

All hail the little girl who built her own Glow Cloud.
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  1. She's not old enough to eb the faceless old woman!

  2. the glow cloud girl reads homestuck