Friday, September 20, 2013

Guest Post: The Fight Scene by Amanda Bonilla

The wonderful Amanda Bonilla is here again, this time celebrating the recent release of her new Urban Fantasy series, Sentry of Evil. I reviewed VENGEANCE BORNE yesterday. Action-packed, complicated world, and not your usual spin on the whole "bonded pairs" storyline. I do enjoy it when authors thoroughly muck up their characters' lives. There is also a GIVEAWAY at the end. Take it away, Amanda!

Thanks so much to Stellar Four for having me as a guest today!

I grew up watching Luke Skywalker wield his light saber. I watched the A-Team on TV and role played the episodes the next day with my sister and cousins. When I started writing, I knew my books would have sword-toting heroines, gun fights, and many punches thrown. I could see explosions in my head, windows shattering, people being tossed across rooms, streets, off of buildings. Yep, I’m an action/adventure junkie.

Writing a convincing fight scene can be problematic if you don’t have the knowledge to back you up. I watch a lot of movies with sword play, hand to hand, martial arts. I watch a lot of YouTube. So where I don’t have a lot of firsthand knowledge, I’ve seen enough to get by.

I think it’s important, in writing a good fight scene, to keep the action from becoming too one-sided. Sure, your heroine is immortal and armed with all the bad-ass weaponry she can carry on her 5’3” 110lb. body. But let’s face it, she’s not going to kick a guy’s ass twice her size without taking her share of blows. It’s no fun if the stakes aren’t high, and an easy victory is just boring. Fighting is nasty business. There’s dirt, sweat, blood. Copious amounts of blood sometimes. Hair is going to get tangled, or maybe even ripped out. That great outfit your heroine’s wearing is going to be torn and stained. I don’t want my heroine “Barbie perfect” five seconds after throwing down with a 220lb. demon. Not gonna happen. But, Amanda, you say, the heroine has super-fast healing abilities and man-of-steel speed. Doesn’t matter. A broken rib is going to hurt like a bitch. Super-fast healing or not. And speed is only going to get you so far, especially if your character is fighting an equally talented supernatural baddie.

I picture myself in my character’s shoes. I try to visualize each sweep of the leg, each punch thrown. I close my eyes, slow the action down in my mind, see it flow in slow motion. If I can almost feel that punch to the gut, I know I’m doing something right.

How about you guys? Do you skim over the fight scenes in favor of something a little more steamy, or do you relish every kick, punch, or jab?

Note from Kathy: I know my answer - Fight, fight, fight, fight....

On to the GIVEAWAY! Amanda is giving away a digital copy of VENGEANCE BORNE. Open to everyone (international, yippee!). To enter, leave a comment or e-mail info [at] stellarfour [dot] com. Be sure to give us a way to contact you. Bonus entry if you tweet about the contest (must @StellarFour or no extra entry). Winner announced Saturday September 28.

Thanks, Amanda!

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  1. Sounds like a good read, I'm in!

  2. That book looks really good! I'd love to try for it. Here's a copy of my tweet for an extra entry: . You can reach me at

  3. I'm so excited for this book! It's not everyday that an urban fantasy is set in the state I grew up in! Can't wait to see what happens in McCall!