Friday, August 30, 2013

What Movie Made Your Summer?

by Sara N.

Labor Day weekend is upon us, which heralds the beginning of the end of summer. Sadly, this also means it's the beginning of the end of summer movies.

I love summer movies. The superheroes, the big monsters, the planet-endangering disasters, the larger-than-life villains, the head-spinning advanced technology, I love them all. But with the end of summer comes the return of the Oscar hopefuls, the social message films, the films with Important Things to Say. And that's fine; I'm as eager for The Monuments Men as anyone. And yes, over the next few months, we'll also get to enjoy the return of Thor, Bilbo Baggins, Katniss, and Carrie White. But aren't big popcorn movies best when you're escaping summer's heat by heading into a chilly movie theater?

So in honor of the summer movie season that's passed us by, I'd like to ask: What was the best SF/F film you saw over the last three months?

For me, Pacific Rim was the winner. It had massive spectacle; good-looking, likable characters; epic disasters; really enormous monsters; mind-bogglingly huge robots; and decent comic relief. It took itself exactly as seriously as it needed to. Plus, Idris Elba. In short, it was the perfect film to discuss as you leave the theater and are enveloped by a muggy summer night.

Runners up: World War Z, for being a decent zombie flick but a lousy book adaptation, The Conjuring for being genuinely scary and making me scream out loud like a little girl in the theater, and Man of Steel for Henry Cavill's chest. I missed This Is The End, which likely would be on this list otherwise, and I've told my husband that I'll divorce him if we don't go see The World's End this weekend. (I tend to be dramatic, poor guy.)

How about you, dear readers? What cinematic gem tickled your brain the most this summer?
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