Monday, August 12, 2013

Welcome to Night Vale

by Megan S.
by Kate Leth
I don't do podcasts.  Actually, I've never really been interested to listening to any recorded stories after my traumatic 14 hour car ride to Portland when I was 11, during which I was forced to listen to a book on the War of 1066 the entire time.  Because of this, I never paid much attention to the things I was hearing about the relatively new and very strange podcast people were buzzing about, Welcome to Night Vale.  Sure, it sounded cool and all but I wasn't actually going to sit there and listen to it. 

Then I began to notice the fan art popping up all around the Internet.  It was peculiar and wonderful and each piece so very different from the next.  I was so intrigued that one morning I did the unthinkable.  I started streaming the podcast as I was getting ready for work and I've been hooked ever since.

Welcome to Night Vale is the strange tale of an even stranger town in the middle of a desert as reported by Cecil, the town's community radio host.  It's as if someone tapped in to my deepest childhood wishes of what the NPR broadcasts would turn into when I was subjected to them on car rides with my dad someone who shall remain nameless to protect his reputation.

The show is definitely worth a try.  But, if you're like me, and need a bit more convincing, check out some of the incredible fan art the podcast is inspiring.  These are a few of my favorites...

Cecil and the floating cat in the radio station's men's room by MissAllyss
Old Woman Josie and the angels by Kytri
My favorite Carlos and Cecil 'ship art by KazzieHearts

by Sulfur and Salt
Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Eagle Scout, Blood Pact Scout, Weird Scout, Dreadnought Scout, Dark Scout, Fear Scout, and, finally, Eternal Scout by Angel Slushie (The original source has been deleted.)
by Roza
by Bear
Old Woman Josie, the angels all named Erikah, and the Faceless Old Woman by Ingrid
by 22 North Umberland Street
The Glow Cloud rains small animals by Lady of Immoral Arts
Well done Tamika Flynn by doop doop
by a Social Construct
by Slodwick

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