Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Social Media Sabbatical

Neil Gaiman, tweeting
In June, Neil Gaiman revealed he would be taking a six month sabbatical from social media. No tweeting or journaling or tumblring. It's a stunning idea and one I can't wrap my head around. No Twitter? For six months? You can't read six months of your feed in one sitting! Imagine all the things you'll miss! I have anxiety just thinking about it, which may mean Gaiman has the right idea.

Neil Gaiman was a trendsetter in author-reader online interaction. He's also been a fan of technology and started his blog back in 2001 and was an early adopter of Twitter. To imagine the internet without Neil is hard. His blog went dark for a few weeks when he went to China, but six months is a long time to stop your social media addiction cold turkey. Starting January 2014, the internet will be a lot less Gaiman-y.

"I'll be taking about six months off," Neil said to the Guardian, "a sabbatical from social media so I can concentrate on my day job: making things up."

Damn you, bird!
Neil is huge on Twitter and as Twitter is my preferred form of social media addiction, I'm still in shock to hear he's pulling away for six months. I know I couldn't do that. Isn't that kind of sad? First thing I do in the morning? Read my Twitter feed. Last thing I do at night? Read my Twitter feed. Neil rightly diagnoses the problem with social media; "the problem isn't the amount of time spent using social media; it's how it spreads into every cranny of our existence."

I applaud Neil for pulling away from social media. I don't think I could. Though maybe we should all try to be a little less obsessed?

Who am I kidding, I checked my Twitter feed four times as I wrote this.

Could you go six months without your social media drug of choice? We all know I'd fall off the wagon... 
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  1. I don't think I could do 6 months. 1 week is about my max, and I still end up trying to at least check e-mail.