Friday, August 2, 2013

Geeky Stationery for Your Pen Pal Correspondence

by Sara N.

From Etsy
Well, campers, our two weeks of fun have come to an end. As you say goodbye to all the friends you've made, you'll want to keep in touch, right? So, in a throw-back to our own childhood camp days, when keeping in touch with camp friends meant actual hand-written letters rather than a Facebook friend request, I've gathered a list of the best nerd-friendly stationery available.

Hooray for pen pals, and happy letter writing!

TARDIS notecards from Etsy seller Nprintsjewelry.

Etsy seller Word to Your Unicorn has several clever stationery designs:

Wonder Woman stationery set. It includes stickers!

Sedimentary, My Dear Watson notecards by Paul Keck. 

Lavender robot stationery set from Etsy seller earthtogirl.

You may also want a fancy writing implement to pen your missives. Consider the following:

Sonic Screwdriver pen from ThinkGeek. This pen writes in regular ink and UV ink, for passing secret messages.

Wizard staff pens from Lord of the Rings. Wizard staff pens, people!

Thanks for a great camp experience, everyone! Don't forget to write!
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