Thursday, August 22, 2013

Counting Down to Your Fall Wardrobe

by Kathy F.

I am not a summer person. The best part about summer is that when it's over, we have lovely, wonderful Autumn.

Halloween, brisk days, changing leaves, Halloween, apples, sweater weather, oh and of course, Halloween.

Around here, summer keeps it's stranglehold through September and into October, but scattered throughout will be cooler days that call for one of my favorite clothing items: the sweater. They are cozy, cute and come in so many wonderful colors and patterns. I wasn't planning on adding to my collection today, but while perusing the offerings at Target, I spied this little guy and had to have it:
Hedgehog sweater, YES!

Read on for a few more items for your closet this Fall.

Of course, I can count on Modcloth to have so many things I want to add to my wardrobe. In particular, I am craving this beauty:

Dia de los Muertos cardigan from ModCloth

Bunnies with glasses, of course I am in.

A Little Bit Bunny cardigan from ModCloth
It's not a sweater, but the Evil Supply Co. is adding t-shirts to their line of awesome items for the evil-minded. This one in particular should be in rotation all year round:

Celebrate Halloween Every Day t-shirt from Evil Supply Co.
You can pre-order the t-shirt through September 2 and save $3.

What is a must for your Fall wardrobe?
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