Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Can of Ogres"

by Kathy F.

The kids love belting out songs in the backseat of the car. They usually get about 1 in 10 words right, but they enjoy it and it keeps me from hearing, "Moooo-ooom, his foot is next to my foot!" etcetera, etcetera.

One of their favorites right now in Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us". (Here's a link to the official video. Below is the song with a hip hop routine from Guillaume Lorentz. I found it, loved it, had to share.)

Only, instead of "Ceiling can't hold us" the boychild sings "Ceiling can of ogres."

He even has a story that goes along with it. It seems there is this group of knights fighting a bunch of ogres. And they're not going to stop fighting until it's over. Then one side loses and everyone goes home. After lots of blamming and sword battles. Boychild is pretty good at the battle sounds.

I'm not sure where the ceiling is in all of this, but I just went with it.

Any stories with your mis-heard lyrics?
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  1. Not about a song, but when I was a kid, I thought the Pledge of Allegiance was a pledge to the flag and some guy named Richard Stands instead of "which it stands."

    1. I will be thinking of "Richard Stands" now every time I hear the Pledge. :D