Monday, July 1, 2013

My New Obsession: ModCloth

by Kathy F.

Although I do love cute dresses and skirts (as shown by my Pinterest boards), my closet does not  look like it. For the most part, I've been a t-shirt and jeans girl for many years. Easier to wash, easy to run after little kiddos, and since I've worked from home for many years vs going into the office, if I choose to stay in comfy pants all day, no one says boo.

However, I aspire to more, and with the littlest one growing beyond the days of spit ups, I'm ready for a change. Also, there is a reunion coming up, and I need something pretty. But where to find that perfect dress?

Enter ModCloth. Freaking awesome clothes, shoes, retro styles, and other assorted things I must have. I bought the Turn of the Sensory dress for the event.

I love it. The color, the style, the detail (bowler hats and moustaches - yes please!). It was a squeeworthy moment.

Also, it was a learning moment. See, I've never bought a dress online before. I always go to the store, try on tons of stuff and look at myself critically from every possible angle. This time, I had to measure myself (yeah, the body has changed a bit since the last time I did that). However, I still had a couple of questions before I pulled the trigger. I know there is a full refund if the dress doesn't fit, but I really hate dealing with returns. Enter ModCloth's stellar customer service. Within seconds of presses the help chat link, I was talking to Shelby T. We quickly figured out my sizing dilemma and then the dress was ordered.

There is still a bit of apprehension that will hopefully be gone the second I get to try it on for real. The "Your order has shipped" e-mail made me do a happy dance. Soon, my precious....

I think it is safe to say that this will not be my only ModCloth purchase. There are a few items I wanted that were unfortunately out of stock at the moment, so I put in my request. If, like me, you want the Heart and Solar System dress:

or the Can't Help But Stare flats:

let the good folks at ModCloth know so that they will order more.

[Yes, I am fully aware of what I just did there. Only request if you want to buy them. But you want to buy them, you know you do.]

There are lots of fun things to explore on the site, like Be the Buyer, their blog, and of course they are all over social media. You can also talk to a ModStylist for help in putting together that awesome new wardrobe.

Are you a ModCloth devotee? Have any other clothing sites we should check out?

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