Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Halfway Point!

Hello and welcome to your mid-year check in for the 52 Book Challenge! It's week 28 and you should have 28 books (or more!) under your belt.

What is the 52 Book Challenge, you ask? Since there are 52 weeks in a year (at least on THIS planet, your mileage may vary if you're reading this from Saturn), your challenge is to read one book a week and meet (or beat!) 52 books in a year.

So easy even Darth Vader could do it!

We are just a wee bit past the half way mark so I want everyone to check in! How many books have you read? Are you on pace to win the challenge? What have you read so far?

Personally, I'm currently on book 29 so I'm just a little ahead of pace. I'm powering through a new fantasy series about a thief/assassin (of course, I am such a target market). The first in the series is called Broken Blade by Kelly McCullough and I'm really digging them so far. I'm on the 3rd book in the series. I have a stack of books taller than I am waiting in the wings!

It's been such a good year for books! I'm confident I'll win the 52 Book Challenge. Are you?
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  1. It is an ECXELLENT year for books.

    I'm at 38 right now. That counts two longer novellas and 2 longer chapter books that I read to the kiddos (I'm not counting the three million picture books that I've read over and over...)

  2. According to Goodreads (I made a shelf for this challenge) I'm also at 38, but I know I didn't enter a lot of ebooks (novellas mostly) I read earlier in the year. It does include a few short stories and graphic novels though, so I guess it balances out.
    This seems to be my year to re-read old favourites. I've re-read the entire Kate Daniels canon in anticipation of Magic Rises, and I'm currently catching up on Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunners series. I'm reminded why I loved the original trilogy so much and can't wait to find out what new hi-jinks they get into.

  3. I'm at 32!! According to GoodReads, I'm 5 books ahead of schedule. I'm pretty shocked that I'm ahead at all, since my original goal for the year was 30.

    Out of the 32, about 24 has been YA or Middle Grade books. Not that I'm complaining because I've lucked out on awesome YA this year. I'm also planning on re-reading some books just to pace myself.

  4. I'm currently at 48 books! Overall I've read 109 books but I don't count picture books and BDs (French comics that are only 46 pages) towards the goal. I'm catching up on my Feist novels, and read the Percy Jackson trilogy. I've read a LOT of mangas, catching up on One Piece and starting new series. I highly recommend mangas by Kaoru Mori (called Emma and Bride Stories in the French edition). The drawings are gorgeous and the stories full of romantic twists and star crossed lovers.