Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fictional Vacations

It's San Diego Comic Con! Nerd Christmas! And I will proudly be blogging all about it... from my home. In my pajamas. Crying into a cup of tea.

Okay, so I don't get to go to Comic Con. That's okay (I keep lying to myself), I can go other places! Except I really can't take the time off work and it's a billion degrees outside...

What can you do when you want to vacation but you can't? How do you soothe your soul after the yearly disappointment of not going to Comic Con? You know what I'm going to say!


Follow me under the cut as I explore some of the best fictional places to vacation this summer!

Tired of it being 100 degrees outside with oppressive humidity? Looking to vacation someplace just a little colder? Time to pull out your winter coat and visit the beautiful land of Westeros! Visit the Starks at Winterfell. Check out The Wall. If you upgrade your hotel accommodations you get to bitchslap Joffrey for free! Of course, it's not all fun and games in Westeros. There is a very good chance you could end up dead. It happens at an alarming rate in Westeros. But if you're an adventurous sort looking for a cool place to vacation this summer, Westeros is the place for you!

A tourist enjoying Wonderland hospitality!
Maybe you're looking for something a little more exotic and off the beaten path. Come on down the rabbit hole and vacation in Wonderland! Do you like croquet? How about tea? Wander the beautiful gardens and chat with the odd folk who in habit this dreamy, magical land. You won't want to be late for THIS very important date!

If Wonderland is too whimsical, may I suggest the dark and spooky realm of London Below? Urban exploration at it's finest! Discover hidden secrets and hidden architecture in this completely underground land. The Floating Market is a can't miss event! It's advisable to hire a guide to take you around and they know all the coolest, hippest spots!

A beautiful Halloweentown landmark!
Looking for something a little more fashionable? The Capital is a buzzing metropolitan full of the creme de le creme of the Panem citizenry! Treat yourself to cutting edge fashion in state of the art boutiques, enjoy five star dining and pamper yourself in one of their famed spas. Personal shoppers and servants wait eagerly to serve you! Don't you owe it to yourself to wallow in splendor and maybe catch a game or two?

Or, if you're like me and you're ready to say "screw summer" entirely, Halloweentown is the place for you! The air is crisp and smells of apples and pumpkins and the townsfolk are charming (if a little eccentric). Plus, since this is the off season, you can get a great deal on a hotel room! That's a deal so good it's scary!

So, friends and fellow readers, where are YOU going this summer?
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  1. I would make a stop at The Floating Market in London Below on my way to an extended stay in Halloweentown.