Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's growing in the garden?

Back several months ago, I happened upon a plant sale at CVS. I got 6 pear tomato plants for $2. Score, right? I figured I would let the kids plant them, it would be a great learning experience of both how to care for plants as well as what not to do (ie plant 6 tomatoes really close together).

I didn't plan on all of them surviving.
Yes, there is a triffid growing in my backyard. Apologies for dooming humanity.

I cut it back, but there were a few days when I could not keep on top of it, and now I've given up. I also did not want to hear the screams of "You're killing our plants!" if I removed any. Right now, I'm thinking I'm the only one really learning the lesson here.

The kids are at least having fun with it. They call it their jungle and crawl inside to harvest tomatoes. They have to - I can't get in there.

At the same time, I keep flashing back to an old movie my dad showed me:

My fav poster from this movie, for obvious reasons.
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