Monday, June 24, 2013

The Best Wheelchair Cosplay

by Megan S.

Princess Alyssa as Cinderella in her enchanted carriage via Costume-Works
If you've ever read S4 before, you know how much I adore cosplay.  I love seeing all of the effort people put into their costumes, the creativity, and how happy it makes them.  So, you can imagine how delighted I was last week when I stumbled across Alyssa's photo.  She's obviously an enchanting Cinderella, but she and her parents took her costume to a whole new level by transforming her wheelchair into a carriage.  How fantastic and innovative is that?  Well, I just had to find more wheelchair cosplay.

I've scoured the web for fantastic costumes incorporating the cosplayer's own wheelchair and found some absolutely amazing ones.  Here are eleven of my favorites including the cutest little dog in his own wheelchair.

Tron costume via Jim3535

Three wheelchair bound Tavroses from Homestuck via NoxCosplayPhotos

TARDIS scooter via StephieLuff

The Queen of Hearts on her throne via Vim Trivium

Captain Rex in a speeder via sharley.tami

Oracle by ThePirateMandi

Oscar as Max from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas by C Ceres Merry

Dr. Loveless of The Wild Wild West via Ben from Blarg Media

Zombie amputee eating her own leg via Eyesplash

Wall-E via Chez PLJ
Eleven and the TARDIS
Know of any other awesome wheelchair cosplay?  Share the links in the comments!
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