Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Netflix Rabbit Hole

Oh, hello. I didn't see you there. That's probably because I've fallen into a Netflix rabbit hole. You know, when you stumble upon a nifty new show, discover it has seventy episodes and you figure, eh, you can watch that in one weekend? Many people I know have been reeled in by Netflix's siren song. It's so easy to sit down, tell yourself you'll watch one episode, and then your entire day is gobbled up by TV shows.

The TV show Portlandia has an amazingly perfect skit about the effect TV marathons have on our lives. They lost track of time to Battlestar Galatica, I'm losing it to Eureka. Why didn't I know about this show when I was on TV? It's perfect! It's quirky and funny and smart and well acted and... and it's been three days and I'm already mid-way through season two. Thirteen hour long episodes down, fifty seven more to go! (Send help)

So while I literally have Netflix paused at this moment on the next episode (just one more before I go to bed, I swear!), when was the last time YOU got stuck in a Netflix rabbit hole and what was the cause of your new obsession?
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  1. This might be anti- help, but when you reach the Kiss (end of S4.5), if you want to read a set of episode-like short stories (DNA modified werewolves, robotic bats, killer bees, etc. mixed with lots and lots of goopy romance), let me know and I'll send you a link to my fanfiction. Eureka is the reason I write.