Monday, May 13, 2013

Open Letter to Michael Arndt: Let the Squee Flow Through You

by Megan S.

Dear Michael,

Are you still having difficulty writing Star Wars Episode VII because I have a genius idea for a plot twist.  Forget all about Paton Oswalt's ridiculous superhero crossover nonsense and think about this.  What if, instead of falling to his death down the reactor shaft, Emperor Palpatine survived  just like Luke did on Cloud City?  He could emerge after 30 years in a hidden bacta tank to torment the Han, Leia, and Luke's children and reestablish the empire.  Pretty good so far, right?  OK, then we up the ante with the big reveal: Palpatine is no longer played by Ian McDiarmid, instead he's played by...

my cat Lilly?!  The resemblance is amazing, right?  Imagine all the squeeing from the audience and the merchandise potential!  I assure you, the PR department would have a field day with Emperor Lilly stuffed animals and whatnot.

Feel free to have your people call me so we can knock this one out of the park,
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