Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Evil Supplies

Ah, being evil. Nothing like some simple villainy to get the blood going. Time to herd the minions, taunt the hero and try to take over the world. All in a day's work for a top notch villain like yourself. Do you sometimes pause while you're watching your hero be torn apart by wild horses and think about how you should be rewarded for your exquisite and timeless skills in being evil?

You are in luck, bad sir or madam! The Evil Supply Co has you covered! The Evil Supply Co is the brainchild of a mysterious man named Atticus Q. Redghost. Part Southern Gentleman, part stark raving mad evil genius, he uses his tremendous skills to create products that will delight even the most picky of evil doers. Founded in 1879 (via time travel), the Evil Supply Co provides amazing stationary and items to fit the needs of everyone from the hobbyist villain to the most hardcore of practitioners.

The latest item of note for sale from the Evil Supply Co are beautiful evil merit badges. That's right! Get rewarded for your villainy! Adept at raising the dead? There's a badge for that! Skilled in killer robot repair? There's a badge for that too! Way more awesome than those lame badges the Girl Scouts give out, right? Who needs a badge in setting up a camp when you can get one in building a volcano lair? I thought so. Each badge can be bought separately (it's okay if you haven't been able to execute the hero without revealing your plan yet. We don't judge here. You'll get that goody two shoes some day!) or as a match set to sew onto your lab coat or evil jacket.

Beyond evil merit badges, the Evil Supply Co makes lovely cards and stationary. Atticus Q. Redghost also writes awesome short fiction on his blog, as well as amazingly funny updates about his company, proclaiming recently "I am proud to announce 35% of our killer robots are made from recycled materials. We are working on increasing this to 100% by 2017." That's quality you can believe in! 

Check out the Evil Supply Co and grabs some dastardly greeting cards and evil merit badges for your own secret headquarters. In the immortal words of Mr. Redghost, "Those who can, villain. Those who can’t, hero!"  
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  1. This is without a doubt the most amazing page I have ever seen.

  2. My favourite would have to be the "Get Well or Die Trying" cards.