Monday, May 20, 2013

7 Reasons To Call In Sick & Watch An Orphan Black Marathon

by Megan S.

Have you been watching BBC America's Orphan Black?  It's the best science fiction show on television in recent memory.  I'm literally sitting on the edge of my seat half the time I watch, it's that good.  It's about a grifter named Sarah who, after assuming the identity of a suicide victim who just happens to look exactly like her, stumbles into a mind blowing, international conspiracy surrounding human cloning.  The more she uncovers with the help of her family, the more she learns about her own mysterious beginnings.

Intrigued?  Good.  Here are seven more spoiler free reasons you should call in sick to work tomorrow so you can stay home and watch an Orphan Black marathon.

#1 Tatiana Maslany

Tatiana Maslany is EFFING AMAZING.  The Canadian actress does such an incredible job playing multiple roles, it's easy to forget she's not actually six different people playing six very different roles.  Maslany manages to give each of the characters their own mannerisms, expressions, and voices that combine to keep the characters distinct.  And Helena?  Her portrayal of the wackjob is incredible.  She's somehow scary as shit AND almost loveable at the same time.  How is that even possible?

Tatiana Maslany definitely deserves an Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Emmy nomination all of the Emmy Outstanding Lead Actress in A Drama nominations.

#2 The Writing

Most of the time when I'm watching a mystery packed with as many crazy twists and turns as Orphan Black, I get the feeling the writers are making it up as they go along (eg Lost).  That's sooo not the case with this show.  Each WTF moment, and there's at least one in every episode, comes across like it was planned since the very beginning by fiendishly clever writers.

#3 Felix

Our girl Sarah has a boatload of clones and none of 'em are a close to her as her foster brother Felix.  The hilarious and talented Fee always has Sarah's back in any hinky situation, but don't call him a sidekick, he's definitely awesome in his own right.  Even if Maslany wasn't as incredible as she is, I'd watch the show just for Felix.

#4 The Science

I love that Orphan Black makes a point of highlighting science in each episode.  Clone Cosima offers info dumps via video chats during the show and her real life counterpart, Orphan Black science consultant Cosima Herter posts related science features on OP's blog.  (Oh, and to clarify in case that was a bit confusing, the team behind the show named the character after the consultant.)

#5 The Music

Great music plays an integral role in each episode.  Not only are the soundtracks are filled with a wide variety of fun pieces, Tatiana Maslany uses different music to help her get ready to play the different clones.  I spent an embarrassing amount of time a few weeks ago googling around for the German cover of Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made for Walking online because it was so dang catchy.  The blog, too, periodically offers character themed playlists.

Thanks to Ghost in the Machine for finding this! 

#6 Alison

Tightly wound clone Alison just keeps getting better and funnier with each episode.  It's difficult to pinpoint why without spoiling something so let's just say one of the reasons is she's way more creative in her craft room than I've ever been.

#7 The Sexiness

Oh my! Things can get pretty steamy pretty quickly on Orphan Black and, well, Dylan Bruce as Paul provides for some serious eye candy, especially when he's nude on screen.

Ready to watch?  You can catch up on all of this season's current episodes on Xfinity if you're a subscriber or pay to view on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.

Oh, and PS: don't worry about giving your heart to a show that'll just be canceled after one season.  BBC America has already renewed it for a second season.
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  1. I had low expectations for this show given that I watched the first episode sort of distractedly and couldn't figure out what was going on really. But I stuck around because it was on after Doctor Who and why not. And now I fully agree - definitely a great show! I'm glad to hear it's got a Season 2 (tho I have to admit that I was secretly hoping it would wrap up in 1 season). Esp. after my heartbreak about The Fades which was creepy and amazing. (seriously, no one wants to continue that show? Anyone? hellllloooo?) I definitely have to give serious credit to the actress as well as the writers - I'm sort of lousy at recognizing people and yet there's no confusing any of the clone incarnations (tho it's amusing to see how many different haircuts and accents they can pick out). I did not realize there was a related blog, but I'll have to check that out now!