Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Went To Wondercon & Took Pictures For You!

I went to Wondercon for work/play this last weekend, manning a booth for a friend's comic. We did well! Sold out well. However I also got to take pictures for you! It was very fun, and I am now realizing how mushy my brain was the entire time from geekery overload. So I'm glad there's some documentation here.

Anywho... ONWARD!

The Con
This was my first time at the Anaheim Convention Center, which is probably the nicest (and newest) center I've been in.

The approach to the con
The floor before it opened. AKA the calm before the storm.

There was a giant space dragonfly ship from that Oblivion movie starring Tom Cruise as another hero guy named Jack
The DC Comics booth
The Nintendo Booth

Moar Floor
So this place was a little weird. It's a new "transmedia" comic book publisher called Lion Forge, which hasn't put anything out yet, has had practically no press, but was suspiciously flashy and Hollywood in booth presentation wise. It was very weird, and we kept trying to guess who was backing the whole shiny thing which is obviously some studio's attempt to mine comic book scripts for movies.
The R2 Builder's Club showcased the answer to all your prayers. 
After hours there were only a few options; those being the Hilton bar and the Marriott bar. There are about 300 drunk nerds here, drinking in their natural after hours habitat.
The gayest bag I have ever owned
Jane Espenson and the crew of Husbands was at the con and signed my Husbands comic!

A Mal Reynolds sketch by Matt Harding
A Hulk Sketch by Vincent Kukua
The view from the booth

The Chow
So the food at Wondercon: Anaheim was amazing enough that I feel the need to highlight it. While the food inside was pretty good for a convention and lacking in the rubbery heat lamp foods, the outside chow was fantastic. They had food trucks line up in the island between the Hilton and Marriott in front of the center, where everything from burritos to cream puffs were available. So yeah, I'm one of those idiots who took pictures of food.
The Food Truck lineup
Vegan Wraps & Steak Hoagies
There was an ice cream sandwich truck! You could order candied bacon on your ice cream sandwich.
Pulled Pork goodness.
The Cosplay
And finally, what we've all been waiting for....

The Cap!
Lady Spawn
Western Fett
King Bumi and the gang were kind of amazing
The velvetiest Riddler
Rock Steady, Casey Jones and Raphael 
There were a lot of Fiona's, and a lot of boyfriend Marshall Lee's
Kitty and Lockheed
Quentin Quire!
These guys were so popular, everyone was taking their picture.
Lady Booster Gold
The Avatar
The Avatar with Momo and Appa
Magic Card
This was a really stunning Raiden
Genderswap El Dorado
Rorschach and Batman
There were so many Jokers, Harley's and Bats
Lady Spartans

Wonder Womaaaaaaaan!

The epic Starro, aka my con buddy @notacomplainer
Lady Darryl, she was amazing, she had the freaking squirrel bandolier!

Lady Doctor, Lady Tardis, and Victorian Lady Doctor
Daenerys Targaryen with baby Drogon


Apparently this happened and someone was smart enough to document it.
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  1. Thanks for sharing these awesome photos! :)

  2. How fun, thanks for sharing the pictures! I must say, Daenerys's baby Drogon looks scary lol.

    1. There was someone selling these very fluffy animatronic dragons that sat on your shoulder and rotated/nodded their heads via a hidden set of controls in your hand (they were also super expensive). He was one of them. A wee puppet.

    2. oh how cool, and yeah I bet it was super expensive...everything at cons are marked up ridiculously.

  3. At first I loved Western Fett and King Bumi, then I saw Kim Possible and DAY = MADE.

  4. I love all the Cosplay photos! thanks for posting them, now I'm all inspired all over again for cosplay. :D