Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Too Damn Pretty To Die

I never ceased to be amazed by the creative energy put forth by Firefly fans. I swear, they're just the best damn fandom in the whole verse. The most recent example of this creativity is Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics, who have created a whole line of eyeshadows based on our favorite Browncoats.

The colors are beautiful, the prices reasonable ($7 each!) and the names are PERFECT. There's the requisite "Browncoat" and "Serenity", as well as the more imaginative and deeply awesome "Mutated Cow Fetus" and "This Food Is Problematic". I'm damned if I don't love a clever name, it's how OPI gets me every time.

Now, if they'd only do a Doctor Who collection, I'd be all set... Geeky make up really needs to become a trend!

Have you seen geeky makeup in the wild? Tell me in comments!
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  1. I would never, ever wear Leaf on the Wind.

  2. I'm partial tp Mutated Cow Fetus and Don't Call Me a Whore not just because I'm hoping asks me what I'm wearing, although I'd be waiting ALL day for someone to ask.