Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Take My Hand

Adventure In The Great Wide Somewhere
Doctor Who doesn't come back until the end of March but I'm already gearing up for it. The wounds I sustained from the (pointless, horribly written) loss of Rory and Amy have healed and I think I might be ready to love again. I've been diving back into Who fandom and I've come up for air to share the most awesome Doctor Who art with you.

Karen Hallion is an exceptionally talented artist who has created what is, in my opinion, the greatest Doctor Who cross over art in the history of space and time. In a few beautiful and clever pictures, she's mixed the mystery and excitement of Doctor Who with the whimsy and magic of Disney.

You heard me right, Disney and Doctor Who.

The pictures are gorgeous, colorful and evocative. They've exceptionally well done. I want the Doctor to go visit Belle and take her to the Library of Alexandria or bring Mulan to a planet where women warriors are highly honored. I want to see where the TARDIS door takes Jack Skellington. There's something about the Doctor's hand peeking out from the TARDIS, beckoning you inside...

Karen is always creating more mash ups and her work has been featured on Threadless, Teefury and her own Etsy store. Keep an eye on her wonderful Tumblr for more gorgeous art.

Go under the cut for some more outstanding, imaginative mashups!

Come Away With Me
Part of Every World
Escape from the Dark Forest
Cannot Hide Who I am Inside
Who's This?
You Comin' Blondie?
Big Bad Wolf

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  1. Amy and Rory's departure was horribly written! Also ridiculous -- why doesn't he just pick them up in 1940, if he can't get to NYC in 1938?

    That said, it's been great fun writing fanfic for them. I've got them running a diner, rescuing lost children, confronting racism, and on their way to visit a jazz club now. New York in the 1930s is an awesome period to write about and I can imagine that Rory at least might enjoy living there. (Amy, to my mind, is appalled by the racism and sexism. But she'll appreciate it eventually anyway, once they start adopting war orphans. :) )

  2. I love these so much, but Jack's might be my favorite.