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Guest Post: Finding the right drink

Today, Amanda Bonilla, author of the Shaede Assassin series, is here.
She is hosting a GIVEAWAY, too (details below). I've been following Amanda for awhile on Twitter and Pinterest. She is funny and finds all kinds of adorable animal pics as well as some fabulous shoes. If you are not following, I suggest you fix that.
I read book 1, Shaedes of Gray and really liked the world and mythology. Darian, the heroine, is prickly, with lots of emotional walls, but I liked her a lot. I have book 2 waiting for me. I need to get cracking because book 3, CRAVE THE DARKNESS is out and I don't want to get too far behind!

I asked Amanda what drinks might go best in Darian's world. Take it away, Amanda!
Thanks so much to Stellar Four for having me as a guest today! Levi is one of my favorite characters in the Shaede Assassin world, and being a bartender, I thought he’d be the perfect person to give the low-down on why he serves a certain pain-in-the-butt Shaede a different drink every time she comes in. Hope you enjoy!

First One’s on the House
You can tell a lot about a person by the drink they order. Being a bartender, I’ve learned a few things about people over the years. For instance, margaritas all around usually signal a girls’ night out. A single guy who sits at the bar nursing a whiskey on the rocks for most of the night is usually stressed out at work. Several whiskeys straight up, and it’s probably a breakup. Several whiskeys, a jack and coke or two, followed by a fifth of tequila… a bad divorce.

The first time Darian walked into The Pit she ordered a bourbon. Straight up. A no-nonsense drink for a no-nonsense woman for sure. But I had a feeling that the drink, like her stoic personality, was just a smoke screen. A wall she erected to shield herself from whatever she needed shielding from. She’d slink off to the back corner of the bar where she thought no one would notice her and nurse her drink until she got bored and left. I wasn’t going to learn a damned thing about her personality at this rate. A few nights a week I’d pour one bourbon for her until I got sick of her I’ll-stab-you-if-you-look-at-me expression and took matters into my own hands.

Captain & Cola
I started with something easy. I had a feeling that if I dove right in and served her a lovely white wine, she’d break the delicate glass over my head. So I made a Captain Morgan and Coke and pushed it across the bar to her. “On the house,” I said. She quirked a brow and took a sip, gave me a suspicious glance, and headed off to her corner of the bar. Score one for me! The ice was broken. I upped the ante the next time she came in and made her a Long Island Iced Tea. She took a sip, gave me that same suspicious glance, but this time, her lips twitched in an almost smile. By the time she left, though, she’d only finished half of it and I realized that particular drink might have been a bit too much.
Midori Sour

On her third visit, I got crazy and made her a pretty pink Cosmo and presented it in a sturdy martini glass. She took one look at it and left it right on the bar, bypassing a drink altogether as she took her seat at her favorite table. Which told me that she wasn’t interested in showing her girly side. At least, not yet. I experimented over the next couple of months. Seven and Sevens, gin and tonics, a Seabreeze (which was accepted with more grace than the Cosmo). And then I really got bold, offering up a Bahama Mama, Malibu and orange juice, and then a Finnish Passion. By the time I slid an Alabama Slammer across the bar, I had her warmed up to the point she’d give me a silent toast before making her way to her table. And the next month, after really going all out and making her a Kahlua and cream, followed up the next night with a Midori Sour, I had her smiling. “You sort of crack me up, Levi,” she said. And I knew I’d finally managed to melt that icy exterior, albeit just a little.
I still don’t know what Darian’s ideal drink is. The one that totally, one-hundred percent defines her personality. But I’ll keep mixin’ them up and sliding them across the bar until I figure it out. The first one is always on the house.

Do you have a favorite mixed drink? A signature beverage that totally defines your personality? Tell us about it below, or e-mail for a chance to win a copy of CRAVE THE DARKNESS (US/Can only). Be sure to leave a way to contact you if you win! Winner announced Thursday, April 4, 2013. 
Thanks for stopping by, Amanda!
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  1. Cherry Vodka! I actually don't know what it's called. It's cherry vodka, grenadine, sprite, and maraschino cherries. Sooo good!

    I'll make one to celebrate if I win! :D

  2. When I was younger I was a rum and coke girl, then in grad school it was Long Island Iced Tea (trust me, all that alcohol was very necessary!), then white wine, and now merlot, occasionally a gin and tonic. So either I'm really indecisive or drinks tell a lot about different times in my life!


  3. My signature beverage is Disaronno on the rocks-smooth, sweet and not complicated.

    Can't wait to read this third book-first two were fab!

    mljfoland AT hotmail DOT com