Friday, February 22, 2013

The Absolute Worst of Etsy's Geeky Decals

by Sara N.

It started innocently enough. I was thinking that it might be fun to put a TARDIS decal on the back of my car. But tiptoeing through the Etsy collection of decals, stickers and clings left me confused, horrified and a little sad. Naturally, I want to share the worst abominations that I found with you. Your cars, laptops and house walls will never be the same.

Could you sleep at night with this enormous Vulcan over your bed? Me, I could not.

From gotdecalz

Want the world to know what a classy dame you are? Slap this puppy on your car. (The only defense I have is that it's lusting after Eric and not poopy Bill.)

From singlestonestudios
First, grasshoppers are creepy. Second, enormous grasshoppers are creepy squared. Third, why do creepy enormous grasshoppers needs clocks and cogs and top hats? This is unacceptable.

From DecalisArt
Oh, Leia. Why? And shouldn't you at least point those at the Apple logo?

From ABlindCat

The slogan is from True Blood, of course, but who wants to drive around with hate stuck on your car? Plus, if you're watching a vampire show such that you get that expression, don't you, you know, like vampires?

From namcoslave

This was a great Doctor Who episode, and I don't hate the idea, but I have to object. This should obviously be, "Are you my mummy?" and not some American version.

From vinylfruit

Ugh, this Edward silhouette. It's terrible life size on your wall, and it's just as bad in the mini version on your laptop.

I will not be safe, Edward. Just to spite you, I'm not backing up my data.

From tattoosforcars

I like Harry Potter, and I like panda bears. I just don't really understand what one has to do with the other.

From cutnpasteshop
What's that you say? You don't want an enormous block of hybrid gibberish from Battlestar Galactica fracking up your wall? Too bad! You will hang the gibberish, and you will like it.

Geez, Etsy really likes messing with Hello Kitty.

From SuperModCustomZ 
From L1SignDesign
From HollyvisionArts
From ellaseeing
Poor Kitty's ear! At least she's still got her bow.

From Pillboxdesigns

These are fun as decorations for Halloween gatherings and Walking Dead premiere parties. However, these are unacceptable for any type of daily use.

From NWDecal
OK, this isn't geeky at all. It just made me sad.

From RJDecalking

I do not need a zombie hand playing grab ass at such a vulnerable time, thanks.

From mpotsch
Let's just get it out there: Bella looks like Buffy, Edward looks like Spike, Jacob looks like Lou Ferrigno, the animals look like escaped Game of Thrones sigils, and the kid versions look something you should try to stomp on, then kill with fire.

From EpicFamilyDecals

Can we all agree that the stick figure family craze has officially hit bottom?

I ... I don't totally hate this.

I'll show myself out.

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  1. "Are you my mommy?" Really, it could have been so much better. I wonder if they make a more accurate version...