Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Some of the Best Geeky Etsy Decals Out There

by Sara N.

Last week, I brought  you the horrors of Etsy's worst geeky decals, stickers and clings. But while I was spelunking for the bad stuff, I also found some good stuff, too. So as a palate cleanser, I offer you some of the coolest stick-ons Etsy has to offer.

I probably wouldn't put it on my car, even if I endorse that sentiment deep in my heart. From animevinyl
If you're looking for laptop art, Etsy's got you covered.

From NextDoorDecals

My feelings on Loki are well established. If you feel the same, you can dress your laptop in awesome horns.

You've got to love the Apple logo as a Golden Snitch.

From DecalisArt
The Avengers seem to inspire cool laptop designs. And if you like this one, Decal is Art has some really gorgeous Macbook decorations. Check out the whole collection here.

If you've got a kid who's wild about Harry (Potter), Etsy has some room-decorating options.

From PeelAndStickDecals

Dobby may be magical enough to inspire better laundry caretaking.
From StickThisOn
Turning lights on and off is a little magical already; this just formalizes it.

From RemarkableWalls

You don't live in a train station (I hope), but it's still subtle and cool.

Etsy's got good geekiness for the rest of the house, too.

From InShiningArmor
OK, I love this. Love it. My only sadness is that it doesn't also point the way to Westeros.

From VinylThingz
Awesome? Yes. Setting your date up for some possibly unrealistic expectations? Perhaps.

From FlipFlopGraphics

Why, yes. Yes, I would dress my mixer in these gears.

From Walkingdeadpromotion
Speaking of kitchens, I'm not sure I'd put this in my house. But I'd be tempted. Sorely, sorely tempted. For something a little smaller, Etsy seller Bjorn also has a laptop version.

From In2Creatings

Dumb or funny? I'm on the fence. 

In conclusion, this is neither cool nor a cling. It's just so, so, so terrible and wrong. You're welcome.

From MontabahnPasties

Three words: Grumpy. Cat. Pasties.

Two more words: Eye. Bleach.
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  1. Wow! I was not expecting the grumpy cat pasties. I think you broke my brain.

  2. I bet you could ask them to take out Diagon Alley and put Westeros on there, since it's the 2nd Harry Potter place. Or even either of the Tolkein ones.

  3. Thanks a wonderful blog Etsy seller Bjorn also has Macbook Keyboard Decal.Macbook Keyboard Decal