Monday, February 4, 2013

Honest Valentines

by Megan S.

Yoda Valentine by PJ McQuade available for purchase on Etsy. (Want this, I do.)

The internet is postively bursting with adorable geeky valentines wooing hearts with images like Benedict Cumberbatch chiseled visage paired with saccharine sweet sayings such as  "My heart is SHERlocked and only you have the key."  Cute, right?  But it's not like Sherlock would actually say something like that.  I mean, let's be candid.  The detective and, well, at least ninety percent of our other favorite heroes would make for really crappy boyfriends.  With that in mind, I've made a few love notes of my own, ones in which our favorite heroes are totally up front with their shortcomings.

Welcome to Stellar Four's Honest Valentines...

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  1. Oh, Peeta, the day can *always* be saved by frosting something.
    Well, maybe not SAVED...but hey, if we're all going to die, at least there's frosting!

    1. I admit it. A good buttercream or ganache can fix a number of problems.