Thursday, February 21, 2013

Geek Parenting: Movies

by Kathy F.

Since my very first guest post was about Geek Moms, it felt right to do another geek parenting post for S4's Birthday Week.

This time around, I'm revisiting some recent experiences as we introduced the children to some of our favorite movies. There will be spoilerish things.

First up, The Dark Crystal. While perusing Netflix, I came across this puppet-filled gem. At first, the boychild was not so interested in watching it, prompting this exchange:

Me: "Maybe you're right. It is a little creepy."
Boy: (Instantly at attention) "I like creepy."
Cue movie...

Note: It had been many MANY years since I'd experienced the world of Gelflings, Skeksis, and Mystics. In my memories, this movie also had scenes from The NeverEnding Story and Labyrinth. This means I must rewatch them all.

My favorite quote - on a t-shirt! From Thinkgeek.
The boychild was a little miffed that the boy gelflings didn't have wings. That part reminded me of why I'd loved it so much as a child.

As we neared the end, the hubs leaned over to whisper, "They shanked the girl!" To which I replied, "It's OK, she gets better." The kids were less concerned as we already have an agreement that for now I won't show them movies where the main characters die (side characters, like Ray in The Princess and the Frog are fair game).

This movie is pretty trippy though, and there were lots of questions about how the whole one being split in half worked, but overall, they liked it.

Next, Goonies. It's been awhile since I saw this too, and I think the last time I watched it, it was the edited for TV version. The reason I say this is there are a lot of swears. Also, early on in the movie, Data comes barreling through a door and breaks the penis off of Mickey's mom's statue. For 10 minutes straight, this was all the boy could talk about. The humor of most young children runs a bit blue (and by a bit I mean he will happily say "poo, pee, booty" all freaking day while laughing hysterically). Luckily, once the movie actually got going and the kids were underground in the tunnels, the broken penis was forgotten.

We had to entice the boychild to watch by saying that this was a creepy pirate movie (you will notice a theme here - yes, he is my son). He was way into all of the action. The eldest child was feeling anti and only came in to watch the end.

Verdict: another winner.

Last of all, Coraline.

I fully admit to having them watch this for completely selfish reasons.

The day had not been a good one. The boychild and I had been arguing over everything. I was the worst mommy ever and he wanted a new one. My crimes? Not letting him eat cookies for breakfast, sending him to his room for hitting his sister, not buying him new Legos when we went to the store (note: he has tons of Legos, but he doesn't get new ones everyday). The horror. The girlchild and I have been in a constant state of detente that I am sure will last through the teen years.

So we start the wonderfully creepy Coraline, all ensconced in our favorite seats. We ended it all snuggled together on the couch.

My inner monologue: That's right, that Other Mother sounds great. Until she replaces your eyes with buttons and sucks out your soul. No cookies for breakfast doesn't sound so bad now, eh?

I did notice a lack of "terrible mommy" insults for awhile. I think we are due for a rewatch though...

What movies should I show them next?
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