Monday, February 11, 2013

F*Yeah Unicorns

by Megan S.

I think the universe was trying to tell me something this past week and that something was "your life needs more unicorns."  It couldn't possibly be a coincidence that, as I was reading a ridiculously bad novel by (name redacted to protect the innocent) that was positively bursting with the majestic creatures,* author Cassie Alexander had a unicorn birthday and Community's Dean Pelton was lead into the cafeteria pulled by chiseled men dressed as the mythical beasts.  No.  The confluence of events could only indicate one thing, that our existence here on the mortal plane would be greatly improved with more unicorns.


So, I listened to that deep and meaningful message the cosmos was trying to impart.  I dedicated an entire Saturday afternoon to the cause, immersing myself in a digital sea of the magnificent beasts, finding the most awesome unicorns on the internet.  It was a difficult quest at times. There are some Rule 34 images I'll only be able to recover from being exposed to after several intense sessions with a licensed psychiatrist.  Yet I persevered for you, dear reader.  Yes, I've found 14 of the most awesome depictions of the horned ones and have posted them for your entertainment, you lucky rascals.


*Sure, Megan.  If it was that terrible, pray tell, why are you actually on your second book in the series rampant with unicorns?**

It all makes so much sense now.  Darth Vader and Luke are actually unicorns and their lightsabers are horns!

There are so many times in life when a WWUD spinner would greatly improve matters.

The cuteness is almost overwhelming!

When one does not possess a WWUD spinner, ask yourself, "WWNPH(on a unicorn)D?"

Did you really think I wasn't going to include an image of She-Ra and her unicorn, Swift Wind, on this list?

I'm not sure why the internet is chock full of pleasantly plump unicorns prancing about but I like it.

Unicorn.  Henna.  Tattoo.  If I used the phrase, "_____.  Your argument is invalid," I would use it right here.

Lisa Frank wishes she once put pen to paper and created Batman Riding Robot Unicorn With Dolphins.

I have yet to make up my mind as to whether the stomach flu is greatly improved by regurgitating rainbows or not.

Amazing alphabet-related alliteration! (OK, I admit it.  The "-related" bit was kind of cheating.)

And now I have made up my mind. Gastroenteritis definitely isn't improved by being a unicorn.

All jokes aside, here's an interesting take on the politics of the Barack Obama and unicorns meme.

Yes.  It's true.  I am.

Triple rainbow all the way. (Yikes.  I can't believe I stooped to making that cheeseball of a joke.)

Oh and post script, dear reader.  I spent all of late Saturday night and into Sunday morning dreaming about riding unicorns because of this post.  It wasn't as pleasant as one might think.

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