Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Incontrovertible Proof that the Doctor Who is Real

by Megan S.

The crack in Amy's bedroom

Uh guys, I don't want to alarm you or anything but there's a crack in the skin of our universe.  Remember that funny shaped crack in Amy's bedroom in season/series five of Doctor Who?  The one that appeared everywhere, erasing history?  Yeah, well one popped up near my house.

No joke.

I found this on the sidewalk the other day.  I was so taken aback, I stopped in my tracks.  Sure, there are other cracks around it, but the Doctor Who crack is the only one filled in by moss and it's almost a perfect duplicate.

Here's Amy's crack superimposed over the one in the walk.

SEE?!  It's so astoundingly close that it's actually eerie. This can only mean one of two things: A. I'm going to be erased from history shortly or B. I'm gonna meet a certain Timelord and have an adventure.  Here's hoping for that second one.

Have you ever had something from one of your favorite fandoms bled into real life?  If so, share in the comments!
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  1. Meh, the crack that killed Rory for the first time (that *was* the first time, right? Sometimes I lose track).

    Send me a postcard from the TARDIS!

  2. take me with youuuu I saw a crack like that a few years ago in my oldhouse before I knew what DW was I hope I am gonna be a companion !!!!

  3. it real I had a past life as the doctor

    1. You couldn't have had a past life there only is one version of me unless your a future version of me anyways I'm the Doctor, the oncoming storm, the bringer of darkness, the other, and the emperor of the universe I've had many alias but due to my demise of being exiled on earth for my misconduct as a time lord back on gallifey apparently having actual sexual intercourse is deemed illegal and was abolished centuries ago but I already knew that however I suppose you've heard of the story of me and the presidents wife apparently... I was told the cloaked demon at the end of the episode you know as heaven sent is after me im trapped inside my own confession dial... AGAIN this is hell I'm in my 14th regeneration I've took lives I committed genocide and was forced to survive through my own personal hell but I was lucky enough to have changed that because it took three versions of me and the rest to save and restore gallifrey all the way right at the end of the universe so it would remain safe and undetected from enemy fire and my tardis is lost the government must have retrieved it somehow if not then it's inside the glasgow city chambers the master/missy is on earth as well and she's still in female form she's still recognisable and looks exactly like her previous incarnation only difference is she's a teenager and so am I but the reason why I'm the doctor and no one else isn't is because I have proof I have murals of all of my previous incarnations on my walls and like all of you lot the crack in time is everywhere I go I've also been alone since I was a very young child and I still am because I can't spend the rest of my life with people or friends I have to live on alone it's okay having fellow time lord friends that's different because they can spend eternity with you but I had always wondered why I hadn't gotten on with human children in primary school and secondary I also remember being grown in a looming chamber when I was born and I really don't care what people reply to this if it's something derisive keep it to yourself

    2. C'mon Doc. What's with that grammar and punctuation? You're more than capable of writing better than that.

      I don't know where to start. I've had a few dreams about You if you're really who you say you are. Each of those dreams, It was a matter of you picking me up at multiple points in my life you've struck fear into my heart for no discernible reason every single time.

      I remember one dream that you were your first face, and I was in an apartment. The moment you showed up, I grabbed a kitchen knife and attacked you out of panic. Of course you easily disarmed me. I can't quite remember what happened next, but I assumed you were quick to forgive.

      Every time I've seen you in my dreams, you're a different face. I also recall a dream where you were your 12th face and you showed up at my sister's town house, telling me that I had a "Spark" in me and I was special for that. Shortly after boarding your Tardis, you told me not to flip the "reset lever."

      I can only assume that I've flipped it multiple times, or timelines are converging with this one. In this particular time line, I've been virtually frozen in life unable to move forward. I hope that if I had traveled with you, you'll remember me. It sucks to hear that you're stuck where you are and I hope that you'll find your old girl again.

      If me messaging you is a big game changer, let me know. As far as I'm concerned.. I'm POTENTIALLY some sort of weird future incarnation of the Master, but I remember a dream where a VERY old version of you showed up and told me that I used to be in a very angry tone and that I used to be the Master not to ask anymore questions.

      Another curious thing I've noted is the lack of invasion and this possibly being the worst timeline in human history. Seems your hard work paid off.

      I'm so sorry that I left you with a wall of text, Doc. In the meantime, I'll bookmark this page and check every so often. I'm a lot older than you're used to having me. I assume that you showing up this time around was gutted due to your banishment.

      Anywho. I don't know how to end this message.

      -The Sparky Boy who is now a Man.

  4. meh, i have seven or more perfect duplicates of the crack in my driveway, and one on the ceiling of my bedroom... im probs gonna be erased soon. :(

  5. When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thanks!

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