Thursday, January 3, 2013

Geeky New Year's Resolutions

by the Women of Stellar Four

Megan's mother's geeky Y2K snow globe. Look, a floppy disk!
Well, kids, we made it through 2012.  It was one of the crazier years we've had in a while, and we can't wait to put it behind us. So we at Stellar Four are looking ahead to 2013 and making all sorts of geeky resolutions for the coming year.  Here are a few of ours. Please share yours in the comments!

Kathy F.

I'm going to catch up on my TBR Pile.

Ok, you can all stop laughing now. Really. I'm going to do this. My plan is to read at least two books per month that are currently languishing on my Kindle and bookshelf. This way, I read some of those books while also trying to keep on top of new releases, books I finally get at the library, etc. In January, my short list includes Hammered by Kevin Hearne, Briarpatch by Tim Pratt, Dead Reign (Marla Mason #3) by TA Pratt (yeah, same guy as Briarpatch), Stray Souls by Kate Griffen, and All the Paths of Shadow by Frank Tuttle. I will finish at least two of those by Jan. 31.

Re-create Army of Darkness using the kids' Legos.

I have done little bits of this using characters from the Knights, Mummy and Pirates of the Caribbean collections. The boychild got some LOTR Legos for Christmas, so now I have a bit more to work with. I am not always the best with the Lego creations, but I have good intentions. With any luck, the kiddos will be calling the knights "primates" and start telling people to "Shop smart, shop S-Mart" in the near future.

If I succeed, there will be photos. If it looks like crap, there will still likely be photos. I tend to do things really half-assed, so while I'll shoot for the former, it'll probably be the latter.

Asher. P

Learn How To Play The Guitar (So I Can Play Geeky Things On It)

This is one of those things that came to be out of loneliness from being transplanted back to the Hinterlands. I like singing (whether I'm any good or not is up for debate), however I like singing after a couple of drinks with guitar accompaniment even more. Since moving, though, I am lacking in a guitarist who can play "So I'd Like To Visit The Moon" or the intro to "Scooby Doo?" Thankfully I do have a guitar, an old one, strung backwards because I'm an ambidextrous weirdo who can't play right handed. I also have the internet, which contains the youtubes where there's quite a few videos on how to play guitar. So my goal is to learn the "Hero of Canton" by the end of the year and to record some horrendous video documenting the entire ordeal. I'll even wear a cunning hat.

Write Moar

I really want to kick the writing and social media up a notch this year, especially since I'm removed from society and drive can diminish out here. Some big things I want to get done; there are scripts I'd like to pair up with an artist and get published or pitched, however it's also the little things. Like I really enjoy io9's Concept Art Writing Prompts, and doing little bits of flash fiction or one-shot fan-fics. Now that life isn't so crazy (knock on wood) I want to get back on that pony in 2013.

Read Moar (Non-Comics)

You'd think this would be easy! But I am critically behind in comics so any reading money tends to go towards picking up trades. I want to get back to reading things with less pictures this year, and I'm thinking of kicking it off with Neil deGrasse Tyson's Death by Black Hole. I'll try to keep my twitter up to date with my new adventures in reading literature for the first time in.... well... an embarrassing amount of time.

Meghan B.

Be More Awesome

Try new things! Break out of old habits! Just get out there and be brave and open to possibilties and experiences! EMBRACE THE AWESOME! I'm a creature of habit and I realized it's driving me a little batty. Time to get over my crippling fear of change and shake things up!

Write Like My Hair Is On Fire

I can't very well call myself a "writer" if I don't actually WRITE, can I? My goal is to just eck out even 100 words a day. Something. Anything. Bitching on Twitter doesn't count. I'm trying to form good writing habits.

Rule 1: Cardio

I can't very well survive the impending zombie apocalypse if I'm out of shape, right? I'm not looking to become a super model, but it can't hurt to become more healthy. I need to eat better and maybe get over my high school trauma and join a gym (this likely will not happen; that trauma goes DEEP).

Sara N.

Sleep More

Unfortunately, this will mean reading less. I've gotten into a bad habit of reading just one more chapter before bed. Just one more chapter, then I'll turn off the light. Then one more, and sometimes one more. But there are health benefits to getting more sleep: a stronger immune system, appetite control, a decrease in depression, and a sharper brain and better memory. These all seem like worthy goals, which means I either need to carve out more time earlier in the day to devote to reading, or I need to resign myself to taking longer to get through a book. Either way, I'm hoping for an earlier bedtime in 2013. That, and more naps.

Multitask Less

In 2013, I resolve to stop watching television with a computer in my lap or a smartphone in my hand. I will quit offering to google it on my phone when a question comes up in conversation with friends. I will not put down my book to see if it's my turn yet on Words With Friends. I will be present in what I am doing and I will focus directly on one task at a time — for the most part. Listening to a podcast while putting away laundry seems legit, and I'll never not knit when the TV is on. But I don't want to get distracted by an electronic screen when I should be conversing or immersing myself in a show or movie. The studies are not good news for electronic multitaskers, and I'm going to try like crazy to be less of one. If I don't, frankly, I'm worried I'll start to resemble a hyper-connected, gibberish-spouting hybrid from BSG. (And I'm obviously failing at this already, as there's a Supernatural rerun on as I type this. But I will try. Really.)

And so, dear readers, what's your geeky resolution for 2013?
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  1. Kathy, I got my husband the Kevin Hearne series for Christmas. The reviews on Amazon look amazing, and I can't wait to hear what you both think of it!

    1. I loved the first 2. Got the 3rd a month or so before the 4th one came out, thinking I would read them both together, and then got caught up in too much other stuff. I am catching up on this one for sure this year. :)

  2. I have limited myself to three resolutions, too many and I won't keep them.
    1. Just a general promise to do better this year than I did the last.
    2. Keep up and improve upon my health goals (eating better and working out regularly).
    And 3. Break into the Pro market with my writing.