Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Little Bit of Megan Lara's Art Nouveau For Everyone

by Megan S.
Utterly Alone - Beetlejuice
You know you have a particularly bad case of the Mondays when it's Tuesday.  I've decided to de-stress by losing myself in the beautiful work of Megan Lara and I figured you could, too.  She has a little something for everyone with her Harry Potter, Big Lebowski, Doctor Who, and Beetlejuice pieces.  I've posted my favorites here...

Geronimo - Doctor Who
Just as Sane as I Am - Harry Potter

The Brightest Witch of Her Age - Harry Potter
He Abides - The Big Lebowski
She has even more geeky art on her Society6 site where you can purchase her work as prints, cell phone covers, and even pillows.  BONUS: Megan has free shipping available from her store until Sunday, January 27!
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  1. Loving the Doctor Who one - and of course, Luna is wonderful. Off to go find more!