Friday, November 30, 2012

Geek-Friendly Baby Names Were Everywhere in 2012

by Sara N.

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Geek culture is on the rise. Don't believe me? Just ask the class of 2030.

BabyCenter released its list of the hot 100 baby names of 2012, and it's lousy with names straight out of our favorite genre books, movies and television shows.

Here are the top 10 for both genders:

Girls                                Boys
Sophia                             Aiden
Emma                             Jackson
Olivia                               Ethan
Isabella                            Liam
Ava                                  Mason
Lily                                   Noah
Zoe                                  Lucas
Chloe                               Jacob
Mia                                  Jayden
Madison                          Jack

Now, I don't actually think that Sophia is topping the charts thanks to the poor, doomed little mite on The Walking Dead. Nor do I think Fringe's Olivia has led to a naming boom. But I lay the popularity of Isabella squarely at the feet of Twilight, don't you? And wouldn't it be cool if the rise of Lily honors Harry Potter's mom, and the Zoe mania stems from the fierce Mrs. Washburne? Heck, we could even attribute a slight Chloe uptick to Smallville ... right?

And as for the boys, Peter Jackson's a pretty stand-up dude. Jacob's been a poplar name for years, and the werewolf cachet doesn't hurt. Captain Jack Harkness would be a conversation-starting namesake, and Aidan the vampire is a cool operator on Being Human.

The list gets even more interesting for names that didn't crack the top 10. According to BabyCenter, several names that derive from genre favorites have increased in popularity this year. The name Gray jumped 155 spots, and the names Anastasia and Ana lept 10 percent and 15 percent, respectively. Inspiration from Twilight fanfic-turned-baffling bestseller 50 Shades of Gray, perhaps? (Weirdly, though, the name Christian dropped 30 percent.)

BabyCenter also points to a Downton Abbey naming craze, with Branson, Charlie, Elsie and Daisy all gaining in popularity. The names of these Downton employees all outpaced the growth of the Crawley family names, although many of those saw bumps, too: Edith (poor Lady Edith!), Sybil, Cora, Isobel, Robert and Violet all gained in popularity. Sad sack romantics Matthew and Mary saw the popularity of their names drop, however. (And I don't care that Downton isn't sci fi/fantasy. It's straight-up awesome repressed British period costume crack, and I loves it so.)

On the tech side, the names Apple for girls and Mac for boys are up, as is the name Siri, which climbed 5 percent. Seriously. Siri.

Good news for Stellar Four: The name Stella cracked the list of the top 100 names. And other interstellar names also increased in popularity, from Luna (which I will assume is in honor of Ms. Lovegood) to Heaven to Skye (for both boys and girls) to Star to Sally (as in Ride, my dears).

Other geeky names climbing the charts: video game names (Zelda, Link, Mario, Valentine) and names from Once Upon a Time (Ruby, Regina, Graham, Henry, Belle) and Brave (Hamish, Angus, Elinor).

Not geeky for you? Here's a slideshow with more nerd-friendly baby name suggestions.

Did you give your child a nerdy name? Or do you have one on your baby name wish list?

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  1. The husband and have decided that when/if we have kids, a girl will have the middle name Ripley. A boy will have the middle name Deckard.

    Yeah we are just that cool.

    1. That is AWESOME.

      My husband and I have always joked about Ash (from Evil Dead, of course), but that seems like a tough name to saddle a boy with.

  2. **raises hand** Yep. :)

    Though not intentional, Lara shares her name with a certain video game character.

    Corbin (although spelled differently) came from The Fifth Element. When he was first learning how to talk, we kept trying to get him to say "Multipass." On occasion people have called him Corbin Dallas or start quoting lines from the film (those people include his geeky relatives). Someday he will see the movie and it will all come together.

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