Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Pattern: The Bear Cub Triplets from Brave

by Sara N.

You'll have the most adorable pumpkin on the block with this carving template featuring the bear cub triplets from Pixar's summer hit Brave.

Not to get all tabloid-y about it, but this is a Stellar Four exclusive, so grab the stencil, print it off, and get carving. Further instructions after the jump.

How to do it:

Cut out the black sections.
Shade the hatched sections. 
Leave the white sections alone; this is the pumpkin skin.

If you're not sure how to carve and shade a pumpkin, you can find further instructions here. And if this pattern doesn't suit your needs (And how could it not? So adorable!), check out my post on other geeky pumpkin patterns

The pumpkin pattern is based on this photo of the Brave bear cub triplets:

My talented friend Landen turned the picture into a sketch, which I was able to use as a model for my final, much simplified (and slightly less cute) pumpkin pattern. If you're feeling saucy, you could shade in some of their lighter chest fur:

Also thanks to my brother, Chris, who took one look at the photo and said, "Oh, that's easy. Just cut out the eyes, shade the light fur, and leave the dark fur as pumpkin skin." Indeed, sir. Indeed.

Update: Here's the finished product! The glowing eyes look more ... menacing ... than I intended. 

If you use this fine pattern to carve a pumpkin, please share it with us on our Facebook page, or tweet us a pic!
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