Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Humble Truce

Everyone here is well versed in my all out war against e-books (if you're new here: Hi! Welcome! I'm Meghan and I don't like e-books!), so what I tell you next may be a huge surprise.

I want you to buy some e-books. Not just one e-book either. I want you to buy thirteen.

Before you reach through your computer screen to check my forehead for signs of a brain-melting fever, let me explain. This is for charity. Charity and books are awesome.

Let me present to you the Humble E-Book Bundle. If you've never heard of a Humble Bundle before, you're in for a treat. The Humble Bundle is usually a collection of indie video games to buy and download. They're all sold without DRM, sometimes include their soundtracks and the proceeds go to a charity. Even more awesome, you can chose your OWN PRICE for these items. Name your price, get awesome stuff, and money goes to charity. How cool is that?

The folks behind this genius idea decided to dive into new territory and offer a bunch of e-books for charity. You can still pay whatever you want, the books come without DRM and you can read them on any device you own. Featuring genre heavyweights like Neil Gaiman and John Scalzi, it's an opportunity to good to pass up.

You can also choose where you want your money to go. You can hurl it all at the charties involved (incredibly worthy causes like Child's Play Charity which provides video games to children's hospitals and the Electronic Frontier Foundation that works to defend our digital rights). You could also chose to give all the money straight to the authors involved in this. Or you can chose to mix it up and give percentages.

DRM-free e-books. Money to charity. I may hate e-books, but this Humble E-Book Bundle is too amazing for words.

Do you want to help some awesome charties? Do you love great sci-fi and fantasy novels? Then you should buy a Humble E-Book Bundle. Think of it like buying cookies from Girl Scouts, except these are books and the Girl Scouts are... uh... listen, this analogy is a work in progress, okay?

Still not convinced? Listen to Cory Doctorow explain why this is a fabulous idea.

The Humble E-Book Bundle is available for only FIVE more days! Go to the Humble E-Book Bundle website to learn more!
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