Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who's Reading Casual Vacancy?

by Kathy F.

So, The Casual Vacancy, the all-growed-up adult book by famed children's author JK Rowling is out.

I'm not reading it today.

I rarely buy hardcover books, yet the Harry Potter series was one I pre-ordered and devoured the second the newest release came out. I should be all over the latest from Ms. Rowling, right? Right?

Um, no.

It's not just the price, although at $20+ for the hardcover and **cough**gasp**sputter $17.99 FOR THE EBOOK, this one is a bit out of my book budget. It's not even that I think it will be bad, per se. It's just that, like the poor actor that gets an iconic role and finds they are forever associated with it, I find it hard to think about a Rowling book that doesn't have anything to do with Harry Potter.

And here's the thing, usually I have no issue whatsoever if an author changes it up and writes outside their genre. I actually enjoy it most of the time.

Here I am though. A little bit blocked. A little bit meh about the whole concept. Probably because even though I know it's not a book about wizards, I will be a little disappointed to find no magic inside.

I know I will eventually read it, and right now I'm #104 on the list at the library. Maybe by the time I actually get my hands on it I'll be more in the mood to enjoy it. Time will tell.

How about you? Are you reading The Casual Vacancy today?

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  1. I'm eager to read it because I think it can be exciting when a writer, or any creative, steps outside their comfort zone. But at that price I'm going to have to get it at the library.

  2. I got it today from my library. I was not willing to dish out the cash for an unknown. I hope it is good but I am doubtful from past experience with other authors.

  3. I'm not going to read it. I'm curious, but it's expensive, and there aren't any English libraries around my place. I can only justify spending that amount of money on textbooks or fantasy novels!