Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time Lord Trinkets

"Come Away With Me" by Threadless
Now that Doctor Who has returned to us after a very long break, it's time to get obsessed all over again. Give me EVERYTHING Whovian!

Thankfully, Threadless and Thinkgeek know of my desire to completely clothe myself and my surroundings in Who merchandise. While bow ties are cool, Doctor Who t-shirts are even cooler.

Check out some of the best Doctor Who stuff under the cut!

Meghan B, you say, I already have so much Doctor Who stuff! I don't live in a TARDIS, my house isn't bigger on the inside! Well, time to make some room! This Who stuff is cool enough to make even a Cyberman pause and take notice.

Let us first delve into the newest and best Who shirts. There is nothing better than a geeky t-shirt, and Threadless constantly delivers. Above, their latest example is "Come Away With Me" a beautiful, whimsical melding of Disney princess and TARDIS. It's just beautiful.

There's also the hilariously awesome "Doctor Hoo" shirt, featuring all eleven doctors as smartly dressed owls. I freaking love the alert, slightly insane look on the scrawny owl who looks shockingly like David Tennant. While it's fabulous as a t-shirt, it also comes in an amazing hoodie. The front of the hoodie has a little TARDIS on a tree branch! Is it the most awesome thing in the world? Quite possibly! It has a wee branch poking out of it!

"TARDamask" is one of the best Who designs I've ever seen. It subtly references the good Doctor and it's beautiful. I've worn it to my day job before, under a smart cardigan or sweater, and no one has been any the wiser. Stealth nerd mode activate! It also comes as a smartphone cover, so you can wrap your iPhone or Android in Whovian goodness.

Thinkgeek also has you covered for fun Doctor Who items. From Doctor Who coffee mugs and travel coffee tumblers, to deeply awesome Doctor Who socks, they have it all! They even have a Doctor Who chess set! Who doesn't want a Doctor Who chess set?

Yes, my friends, it's the most wonderful time of the year. It's Who-season!
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