Friday, September 14, 2012

Would You Accept Delivery of These Fantastic Geeky Mailboxes?

by Sara N.

My sad mailbox.
On Monday, I discovered that rust had finally overwhelmed my mailbox, and the lid had (apparently) come off in my postal carrier's hand.

This morning, I was complaining to my brother about the First World-iest of all First World Problems: Everyone in my neighborhood has the same mailbox, but they're all matte black and all I can find is glossy black and woe, woe is me. He listened for a bit, then said, "Well, you don't have an actual neighborhood association, so why don't you just get a TARDIS mailbox?"

Yessssss. This is obviously what I need to do. Naturally, I used it as an excuse to comb the web for ideas on just how geeky mailboxes can get. (Answer: amazingly, wonderfully geeky.)

And whaddyaknow, there are TARDIS mailboxes out there. This one is from the Doctor Who and the TARDIS Tumblr. 

From Doctor Who and the TARDIS
Here's another one — complete with guard Dalek — from Minstrel Warrior.

From Minstrel Warrior

My sister spotted this mailbox in the outskirts of Salt Lake City. Check out the thatched roof on the box itself. Any welders out there want to donate your skills in the service of my mailbox? (And seriously, don't I have the coolest siblings?)

(Actually, dragons are a thriving subset of all available mailboxes. Check them out.)

Dave at Dave's Geeky Ideas designed what will clearly be my husband's top choice for our new mailbox: Optimus Prime.

From Dave's Geeky Ideas

Star Wars fans will appreciate this X-wing fighter mailbox from Make: online.

From Make: online
Bust out your paint set and make your own Darth Vader mailbox, as seen on Geeks Are Sexy. 

From Geeks Are Sexy
The  USS Enterprise is a mailbox, too, as you can see in Redditor ModXMV's post. According to Geekologie, it's solar powered and illuminated at night. 

From Reddit
Flickr user Torisaur created this gorgeous mailbox, which I'm guessing is where all of the woodland fairies go to collect their mail.

From Torisaur on Flickr
Geekcrafting and Uberdorking painted a fantastic little Space Invaders mailbox. Think I could paint this  scene in matte black on the glossy black of the replacement box I bought for a really subtle effect that won't shock the neighbors, who would no doubt clutch their pearls and/or drop their brandy snifters if we actually installed any of the boxes above?

From nimcraft
Things I was disappointed not to find:

1. Zombie mailboxes. I think the world is begging for rotten hands reaching up out of the ground and gripping mailbox posts.

2. Readymade geeky mailboxes for sale. No joy on Etsy. No love on ThinkGeek. What's up, creative geeksters? Why are you not making and selling mailboxes for people like me, who have more nerdy enthusiasm than artistic skill?  

3. X-Files mailboxes. Just because I think there should be more X-Files stuff out there. 

So what mailbox would you pick for the front of your home?
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  1. You DO have the best siblings ever.

  2. I would pick the dragon or the Vader one. The boychild loved the Vader box.

    I want a Serenity box. Maybe something Reaver inspired so that someone would mess with it at their own peril.

  3. I love the small Doctor Who one the Dalek... as far as crafting goes, it looks doable!

  4. I personally love your mailbox. She's old. She might be tired. But she still fits all that mail in her mail hole. What's a little rust on a proud old bird?!